Where did Christian and Miki spend New Year’s Eve?

A few weeks ago we gave away a pile of Strive dehydrated hiking food to some of our readers.

Christian was one person who contacted us and promised to shoot us a photo when he used the food an a bushwalking trip.

So, thanks to Christian and Miki who sent us a short email and picture showing them enjoying their meal.

This was our NYE dinner!   We had the dehydrated vegetables + lentils and just put a bit of peperoni in it. It was very tasty and just the right stuff you need after a long day of walking.

Thanks Christian and Miki for the thanks and pic!

Just to make it interesting, we recently discovered a small cache of Strive food and have decided on another quick competition.

This one is to guess where Christian and Miki where photographed eating their New Year’s Eve dinner?

Leave you answer in the reply section (below):

Entries close  Friday 10th February and the winner will be announced soon after.

The prize is  four meals ( the 350 grams  meal compliment containing dehydrated vegetables and lentils) delivered anywhere in Australia (for free of course!)

If, by chance,  more than one person answers correctly we will randomly draw a winner.

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  1. Frank says

    Well done to jez_au and Greg. It was taken at the camping platforms at Pelion Hut.

    Through a complicated selection process (tossing a coin) Greg wins. Hope you liked heads!

    Because of the overwhelming number of entries we will shoot off two packs to jez_au as second prize.
    Thanks guys- emails sent to grab your postal addresses.

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