Tools and Techniques for Creative Photography – Wow!


One word describes the new offering from Digital Photography School, their fourth eBook  designed to teach you how to use your digital camera.  This one,  Photo Nuts and Shots: Tools and Techniques for Creative Photography, has been released today.

Is a massive (100+ pages) and incredibly good photography teaching resource.

Why are we encouraging you to check it out ?

Because we all want to learn to be a better photographer……

Photo Nuts and Shots: Tools and Techniques for Creative Photography is a terrific new resource because:

  • it is written in a way that even I can understand
  • the tips are simple, easy to follow and practical
  • the advice will work for most digital cameras, not just the fancy SLR ones.
  • it is packed full of beautiful images that highlight and teach you what to look for when taking a shot
  • it is a really encouraging book that suggests a lot of different techniques that are simple and produce great results
  • The author, Neil Creek (an Aussie), has managed to make the instructions simple and easy to understand. He writes really well.

In addition, to celebrate the launch of Photo Nuts and Shots they are giving one buyer a brand new Canon EOS Rebel T2i 18 megapixel DSLR complete with an 18-55mm lens. This bundle is worth over $800!

To be in the running to win this best selling camera simply purchase your copy of Photo Nuts and Shots before midnight (Eastern US time) on Wednesday 2nd February and you’ll automatically be entered into the draw to win.


There is a small window of opportunity to nab 25% off the  normal price of  $19.97 until the 10th February – that makes it  $14.97.

To read more about the book click here, there are more great images, a list of topics  and download information. Remember, Photo Nuts and Shots: Tools and Techniques for Creative Photography has a 60 day money back guarantee on the book if you are not completely satisfied.


Disclaimer: Frank received a free review copy of this book and may receive affiliate payments for any sale via Our Hiking Blog. That being said, he often gets approached to market products but only promotes products that are top quality and he would probably buy himself.

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