New Year resolutions – what’s your trip or new gear plan for 2011?

Ah, such a cliché, New Year’s resolutions, here one day gone the next………

BUT, without a goal or plan where are we?

Probably meandering aimlessly from one year to the next, thinking about organising an adventure somewhere, or dare I say,  looking back with regret on all those lost opportunities from our Nursing Home bed.

So, time for action we reckon!

Time to list a few things we WILL do in 2011.

  • We will travel back to Cambodia and take our time exploring  the Angkor Wat area.
  • We will walks sections of the Great Ocean Walk and have a new eGuide Book completed by mid 2011.
  • We will publish more helpful gear reviews on Our Hiking Blog
  • We will take the time to explore more of the Australian Alps, especially near Mt Beauty
  • Sue will hike the Overland Track in April
  • Frank will try and sneak down there some time…. for work of course, to up grade our How to Hike the Overland Track guide
  • We will finish an eBook about “what to wear hiking” that will be available for free on Our Hiking Blog
  • Frank will get fitter…….

Care to join us?

List your hiking trip plans, new gear “must gets” and any other outdoor adventure related resolutions for 2011 below, in the bit that says leave a reply, yep, it’s that simple!

Oh, and have a great 2011!

Image: mnorri via Flickr


      • says

        I would love to do the OT. I need a good book for advice on that one first. Do you know any?!
        Before that I might do a few in the more remote places of NSW like Kanangra or the Buranwang’s. It will be interesting to see where my legs take me this year

  1. says

    Yep I am all about keeping the pants ON!Hmmmmmm…trip plans?!?! Do a lot of snowshoeing and cross-country skiing this winter, climb some more peaks in the Southern Sierra Nevada, hike 550 more miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in July, and finish the last cross-country section of the Sierra High Route. Ohhhhhhhh…and the new gear!!!!!! Well top of the list are a new i Phone 4, snowshoes, and a new backpacking camera. Yes, that is just top of the list. BTW who is the famous hiker in the photo? It looks like my home in the Sierras. :)

    • Frank says

      Hi Rockin! If you look closely (not that I am trying to make you) he has a kilt in his hands!
      He goes by the name of Kiltman and yep, it is on Mt Whitney. How close to home is that?

      Love your “to do” list! Can’t wait to follow your July adventures (especially with you using your new phone!) You know there is a 3 week wait for them here in Oz.

    • Frank says

      Settle down Bon! Had not thought of a ‘clothing optional” section but, what the heck, might be a winner!
      Thanks very much for dropping by.

  2. Eric says

    Hoping to do our first camping trip in March, after a long year of organising and convincing the wife. Just bought a Blackwolf MOjave SG4. Goal to do more camping trips this year. Would like to visit the Blue Mountains, Cradle Mountain and the Great Ocean Walk.

    Pretty much the theme is more bushwalking/camping this year.

  3. says

    Good post Frank! I’ll be interested how your Great Ocean Walk eBook goes as I love that hike!
    I’m hoping to walk the Larapinta Trail in August so losing some weight is the agenda until then!

  4. says

    Happy new year- I’ve followed your blog for a while and really enjoy it.
    In 2011 we (4 of us) have got the Overland lined up at Easter- I did it a few years back and love love loved it, so can’t wait to see it in a different season. I bought your food book a while ago and it’s been really handy for planning- thanks!
    Other than that, I hope to get fitter and run a half marathon later in the year, and do some diving around the great barrier reef before it’s too late. And, on the non outdoors front, learn to match my wine to my food better!
    Looking forward to following you guys over the year.

    • Frank says

      Great stuff wj,
      You might run into Sue over Easter, she is heading off with a mate then.

      Thanks very much for the positive feedback on Food to Go, much appreciuated! Good luch with the half marathon!

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