Tiger Snake encounters

The previous article with 9 tips to avoid a snake bite while hiking drew a couple of interesting responses and images from our readers about their encounters with Tiger Snakes.

The first comes via Adam Holbrook a Tasmanian Wilderness Photographer.

Adam recalls the day:

Have seen plenty of Tiger snakes here in Tassie, none bigger than this one…

This photo was taken after I had backed away a number of paces, it totally spun me out, I wasn’t watching the track in front of me.

Tiger snake on Arm River Track, Tasmania

The next one is from Steve in Queensland.  It teaches us a lesson that snakes are not always on the ground…..

Several weeks ago our group did a good walk up in Lamington NP to a place called Ratatat on the Queensland / N.S.W. border . At a lookout called Echo Point there is a great viewing point to Mt Warning and the N.S.W. North Coast from approx 1000m.

The lookout is on a cliff edge where you have to push out through the banksia bushes and other low lying brush . Usually the snakes take advantage of the sunny spots and we are all looking at the sunny spots on the ground for the red belly blacks and Tigers but as we pushed through the underbrush we nearly did not spot this Tiger in the tree .

Lucky as it was waiting for birds at our shoulder heights . The mind boggles if we had not seen it

Tiger snake in tree

Those of you with a good eye for detail will notice the different colour and markings of these Tiger snakes.

The Tasmanian ones are generally very dark (we think to increase absorption of sunlight in the colder weather) The Queensland one is more the “classic” tiger look with distinct stripes, possible to blend into it’s environment.

Many thank to Adam and Steve for sharing these great pics!

Have you got any snake pictures you would like to share?
Leave a comment below and we will load them up!


  1. Bill says

    Hi Frank & Sue,
    Reminds me of the time back in March 83 when doing a course with Outward Bound, it was in middle of the drought that had the Eastern part of Aust in its grip. We where making our way down the Little River Gorge to the Snowy River, there was very little water around & it was very hot, I was up front leading group. I came to a pool of water which was easy enough to step over, I stopped on the other side to make sure group was close behide, only to see a snake exit. It was over a metre in length, it looked like a black but not 100% sure. Was good to get out of the gorge.

    • Frank says

      Hi Bill,
      Surprised you did not hang around and try and identify the snake! It IS always a bit of a worry in dry conditions near water. The poor things have to eat and drink something!
      Thanks for dropping by!

      • Mike says

        Hi guys just returned from eastern aurthurs today 7th Jan seen plenty of snakes 3 whips and 3 tigers. mostly small apart from a large one climbing Luckmans Lead to Stuarts Saddle all where happy to move on apart from the one about 30 minutes out from Junction Creek which was extremly large coiled around button grass he nearly nailed me but for a quick dive into the mud hole.lol.had been trying to avoid the mud bad mistake. needless to say I’m have returned home with very muddy boots and gators as I never missed a mud whole after…”Stay on the tracks for your own safety people”

  2. Keith says

    Love hiking, love photography, love snakes. What else is there to ask for? Perfect!

    Too bad there is no more photos of Tiger snakes. Sad to say, I have none.

    • Frank says

      Hi Keith,
      We have a few more images , will wack some up nearer snake season!
      Thanks for dropping by


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