The best of Our Hiking Blog 2010

It has been a very busy 2010 at Our Hiking Blog. We thought it was a great time to review some of the most popular articles over the last 12 months and share a couple of highlights of the year.

We hope you had a great 2010 with plenty of adventures and have some fantastic trips planned for 2011!

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What to eat while hiking or bushwalking has been very popular.

1. We released our eBook – Food to Go on how to plan, prepare and eat well outdoors
2. A menu for 9 days hiking
3. Trail mix, GORP or Scroggin – Hiking Snack food by any other name
4. Dehydrating Spaghetti – Cheap, simple and fast
5. Food preparation for the Overland Track in Tasmania

The  Overland Track in Tasmania is one of our favourite topics.

Popular articles were:

1. How to Hike the Overland Track in Tasmania – our eBook
2. 10 mistakes not to make hiking the Overland Track
3. Off for a stroll, planning the Overland Track from outside Tasmania
4. Overland Track – Advice from a first timer

Gear, equipment and clothing are also popular topics

1. Hiking or bushwalking gear – What are the basics to get started?
2. What are the best clothes for a multi-day walk?
3. Hiking Gear – the basics
4. Best hiking gear? Some Tasmanian experience on the South Coast Track
5. The best hiking backpack? The One Planet Strezlecki looks the goods

Trip Planning

While several of the articles focused on the Overland Track in Tasmania, other’s have been popular as readers have sought information on how to tackle some other great Aussie hiking trips.

1. Thorsborne Trail – Hinchinbrook Island – Far North Queensland
2. Walls of Jerusalem to the Overland Track and Cradle Mountain (via the Never Never)
3. The Great South West Walk – a great walk? You bet!
4. Bibbulmun Track – Planning
5. South Coast Track Tasmania – Planning the walk
6. Wilsons Promontory – a great circuit walk
7. Great Ocean Walk – Victoria

Highlights of 2010?

We had a very busy year getting out and about a bit, but never enough!

1. We visited Tasmania (again) in April to check out the “Fagus” – Dove Lake, Scott Kilvett, Cradle Mountain and back – Fagus fun
2. June saw us exploring Fall’s Creek and the Australian Alps Walking Track
3. September saw us enjoy a three week adventure in Cambodia
4. In November Frank hiked the Overland Track in Tasmania

We have been busy with another website, having just started it for a bit of fun and to share our love of the Cradle Mountain area in Tasmania.

As part of this new venture we have been lucky to partner with Adam Holbrook and Dennis Harding – both exceptional Tasmanian Wilderness Photographers.

Check it out, we would love to hear what you think of it!

What have been your trip highlights of 2010?

Have you been able to escape and get to some new places?

Shoot us a reply below, we would love to hear about them!

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