Free hiking food? Well sort of…

We’ve been lucky enough to receive a large quantity of Strive dehydrated food.  No, not from Strive but another unnamed source who had a bit “spare”.

Each pack is 350 grams and is a Meal Compliment containing dehydrated Vegetables and Lentils. The estimated cost (as we can’t see them on the Strive website) is around $10 per packet.

The Strive meal - a great variety of dehydrated vegetables PLUS lentils

We home tested the meal recently and were very impressed by the simplicity. Basically add the contents to 3 cups of boiling water and simmer for 10 minutes.

Rehydrating the meal - it is a very simple process

It tasted pretty good on it’s own. The addition of some salt and pepper or even chilli powder would have enhanced the taste.

The meal, rehydrated and ready to eat!

In addition, this meal is designed as a compliment. You could easily stir through rough chopped salami. rehydrated minced meat (chicken, beef, lamp or even kangaroo) or tuna. We think any of them would work! 

If you are not sure how to dehydrate minced meat then our book Food to Go has detailed instruction on how to dehydrate anything!

The size is for four people and with the addition of some “meat” it should satisfy that number.

If anyone (based in Australia) is interested in trying some of these out for “free”, we are happy to send you some packets by mail. Remember there is only one flavour, the Meal Compliment containing dehydrated Vegetables and Lentils. (that’s all we were given)

The plan is:
– Shoot Frank an email expressing interest.
– He will reply with our postal address
– Send us a prepaid (and addressed) overnight post bag, the 3kg one cost $11.70.
– We will split up the packs , quantity depending on demand, and mail them back to you.
– Depending on demand, we will send at least four per person.

To put a time frame on it, this offer ends on Wednesday 15th December.

Have you tried Strive food?
Do you have any other ideas of what we could add to this meal to “soup up” the flavour or volume?

Leave a reply below, we would love to hear from you.


  1. Sarina says

    What about adding two-minute noodles? I like to add some mixed dried veges to my noodles to make them seem more healthy whilst hiking – I like the hot and spicy Thai ones. I’m not sure how the lentils and noodles would interact, but I’d give it a shot :)
    Or – get one of the curry paste sachets from the Asian supermarket (Gule is my favourite) – very lightweight and heaps of flavour. Cook some rice and you’ve got a nice vege curry with some lentils for protein.

    • Frank says

      Great ideas Sarina. Asian supermarkets have so many different options that are perfect to use on a trip!
      Thanks for sharing

  2. Steve Cockburn says

    Many thanks Frank .Received the package . I’ll have to look at some recipes and see what I can do with this lot. Regards Steve C

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