Best meal ideas for a school hiking trip?

Food to Go, our eBook on menu ideas and recipes for outdoor trips has been selling at a steady rate, although we are not quite ready to retire on the proceeds yet!

Many thanks to anyone who has purchased the book, the feedback has been very positive!

There has been some interest in producing a modified version of Food to Go to help (Mum’s and Dad’s we suspect) plan meals and menus for young people heading off on school camps or hiking trips where they have to organise their own food.

Trangia egg and bacon

So, having just  recovered from publishing edition one, we have started editing the existing book, removing a few sections that may not be relevant to young people or school groups.

These include:

  • The dehydrating tips and how to dehydrate section
  • The more complex meal options including those that need a lot of preparation or dehydrated ingredients
  • The bit about how to carry alcohol……

This is where you come into the picture.

What we think needs including are the following:

  • How to cook with a Trangia (as most school groups in Australia, at least, seem to use these)
    • Any other ideas?
    • Do you know of school groups that use a different system?
    • If you are from outside Australia, do you know what school groups use for cooking?
  • More  meal ideas that can be sourced at the local supermarket that are “children friendly” i.e.simple and quick to prepare
    • Food to Go has a large section on this, we plan to add more and simplify it.
    • We will also add a couple of more menu plans containing store bought,  “kid friendly” food
      • Your meal ideas would be much appreciated
  • Cooking and camp hygiene
    • This was not included in the original Food to Go but we think it important to train the young ones early!
      • any ideas or resources you might suggest would be appreciated.
  • Brain block!
    • If there are any outdoor educators, school teachers or people who have sent children off to camp  we would love your input.
      • What have we missed?
      • Do you have any other ideas?
      • Please leave us a comment below.

The current plan is to offer this version of Food to Go at a reduced price with a significant discount for anyone who wants to “upgrade” to the full version.

As a thank you, anyone who leaves a helpful  comment will get a free copy of Food to Go for school trips,  once it has been released.

Many thanks

Image: Dumbledad on Flickr


  1. Graeme says

    I think the ‘keep it simple’ strategy may also appeal to people like myself can’t find the time for lots of preparation. The simple meal ideas may therefore serve a dual purpose of being useful for kids and providing simple ideas for busy people. Please consider when writing these meal ideas.

    • Frank says

      Thanks very much for your feedback Graeme, your “sage” advice is always very much appreciated.

      Point and idea taken!

  2. Alex Scott says

    gday Frank..

    the 3 main things that we have to eat at Wollangarra are..

    Pesto Pasta

    Vegetarian Curry

    and Munchies

    I have the recipie for munchies somewhere on my computer, have to find it…

    the rest are just basic
    pest pasta: pasta, basil pesto and add any vegies that you have around (carrots, sweet potatoe, anything really!)
    vegeie curry: cous cous, gram masala and heaps of vegies… sweet potatoes, zucchini, carrots, pumpkin, anything you can pop into the pack

    Also, im a big fan of the pre-dehydrated pasta things (mac. cheese, etc), with tuna, dehydrated peas, and maybe some Deb.
    Quick, easy, and comes up at about $5 for a meal (and Im a big boy!)

    anyways, hope that helps!

    • Frank says

      Hi Alex,
      Terrific feebback and ideas thanks! I know Woll use a fair bit of fresh stuff in their food, might be worth including a bit about that…
      We have a bit about alfredo and tuna, might expand on that too.

      You must be off on your Alps trip soon?


      • Alex Scott says

        Hey Frank.

        Yeah, going for a quick after exams hike (Hotham-Harrietville-Fed Hut-Blairs Hut-Pretty Valley Hut-Dibbins Hut-Hotham) after exams, so leave on the 17th.

        The Big hike is 16 days, and should be happening from the 5th, although it depends on whether I get the apprenticeship im looking at…

        And just a word on the book, its quite good! Its given me a heap of ideas, and next time (when I have some more time / no school study) i might look at getting a dehydrator and giving it a go myself!

  3. Marion Lawler says

    When we helped our sons provision for multiday schooltrips the items that were a big hit with their group,(apart from lots of lollies) were food in tubes!… like tubes of vegemite to squeeze on to crackers for lunch, or jam to go on pikelets, and the most popular – condensed milk (in coffee, on bread, mixed through dried fruit for dessert or just straight from the tube! . Also vacuum sealed hot’dogs for breakfast, preferably with sauce in a tube. But definitely not, as their school instructed at the time, a precooked casserole,frozen in its billy and wrapped in a towel before going in the pack…It weighed a ton and was very bulky – just as well teenage boys are strong!

    • Frank says

      Hi Marion,
      Great ideas thanks! Reminds me of what I would take on Scout trips in the (very) early 1970’s! Heavy but yummy

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