Smokin’pot Cooking – Battambang – Cambodia

Cooking classes are a great way to meet other travelers and experience how food is created in a country you are visiting.

One of the interesting things about Asian countries is their fresh food markets and we always take a wander through them to get an understanding of how things are done and what the locals eat.

Every cooking class we have enjoyed always starts with a visit to the market to purchase the food for the class.

Ok, frogs legs were not on our menu but they WERE available at the market……

So was a terrific choice of turtles (? Tortoises)

We bought a stack of different, fresh ingredients and made our own green curry paste for the first recipe, including our own coconut milk. ( following the amount of work and sweat involved, go for the store bought green curry paste and cans of coconut milk…..)

Cooking school guru, very funny man who started a restaurant with his brothers 10 yrs ago at 17 yo ( sorry, can’t recall his name). Note, like most thinks in Cambodia it all happened on the street.

Sue working the wok. This was a slow cook dish, gently adding the coconut milk as it evaporated

The finished dish, green chicken, curry with coconut end morning glory.

Time about 2.5 hrs
Cost: $8 each
Included: drinking water , iced coffee with sweet milk, all ingredients ,three great meals.

Recommended +++


  1. says

    Great idea doing the cooking school route. They’re always fun & you’ve obviously learned how to make a delicious looking new dish. I’m with you on the cocnut milk & would definitely pass on frog legs & turtles.
    Nice work on leaving Australia – that must have been very stressful getting eveything accomplished in a few hours. What a horrible feeling.
    I’ll keep checking in to see what you’re up to & hope you continue to enjoy the trip.

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