Siem Reap Sunset – Don’t let the rain trick you

Our driver from the airport, to our hotel Borann ,is a master salesman and we ended up hiring him for two days to explore the temples.

The first evening was to “watch the sunset”, we headed off past Angkor Wat to “the spot”. Joining us were 300 or 400 other hopefuls.  Following a “fair climb”we watched as cloud turned to heavy cloud and then a magnificant thunderstorm.  We waited it out for 20 minutes in our poncos as the sun disappeared.  Thinking all hope was lost of a great sunset we headed down the mountain again (there were only about 20 people left ) and sought the refuge of our car and driver.

Heading back to Siem Reap a beautiful, strong, golden sunset peeked through the jungle.  The monsonal storm had tricked us and the best sunset for days eluded our camera….

We did get a few shots of the crowd.

For the next two days we explored a LOT of temples. They are magnificant, they are over the top, they are MAGIC and huge and old and well, spectacular.

Lunch for two rarely costs more than $US10 including drinks

Tomb Raider anyone?

There were eight of these life sized elephants at this temple (Sue is the tour guide and knows all their names but she is asleep as Frank writes this up)

The last Wat for the day, Angkor Wat. Mindblowing. Our photography can’t do it justice. More looking around Siem Reap today and then busing up to Phnon Pean, the capital.


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    I think I have to go to Cambodia now… Might be hitting you up for details of your trip some time in the next couple of years guys! Already got two holidays planned for next year so maybe 2012 (yes there are some advantages to being a single man again!)

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