River cruise – Siem Reip to Battambang – Cambodia

A bus from Siem Reip to Battambang is about $6, it is air conditioned and homogenized. It takes about 4 hrs. Alternatively there is a boat costing anything from $15 – $25 depending on who is trying to take a percentage or rip you off. We paid $18 each.

Pick up started with us predictably failing to set our alarm properly and waking up, bags not packed or very organized with 45 minutes before our pick up time. We made it on time and had a bit of fun as the mini bus slowly filled up as we dropped by various hostels and backpacker places picking up passengers. The 7 am boat departure time was now heading out to about 7:45 but the crew was very relaxed and the skipper, who looked all of 16, took off with a roar.

Heading off from Siem Riep about 8 am – mainly travelers, the locals take the bus

Lunch break. This was after 4 hrs. As we jumped off, junior, the skipper announced we were half way there with 4 hrs to go!

Typical scenes of life on the river. It’s level was down and was quite difficult to navigate. We ran a ground a couple of times and broke down twice.


Just about there, a very hot, tired and worn out group of “adventurers” who by now had worked out why the locals take the bus.

Worth it? Yes! A great trip with a wonderful insight into life on the river. Do it again? Maybe, but we’d take a cushion next time…….


  1. Georgie says

    The best trips are the ones when you take the wrong road. It looks so interesting, I hope you will be glad you did it once you are over the tiredness and peeve. Have a lovely rest of trip, it looks fabulous so far. G

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