Jungle trekking – Rainbow Lodge – Cambodia – waterfalls and leeches!

We are not sure what convinced us to do the full day trek at Rainbow Lodge.

Was it the chance to explore the Cambodian Jungle with an experienced guide?

Or the opportunity to see some unusual wildlife, creatures and/or bugs?

Or was it that we both have English relatives back somewhere and the need to go out in the midday sun and “explore the tropics” was overwhelming?

Whatever the case we loaded up with two litres of water each, layers of DEET, shoes and a warning from G that there were a few leeches on this trip. Mr Lei, our Khmer guide, headed off in front with a machete.

Because we are posting this from Cambodia, the following are some images and dot points outlining the adventure!

Most of the trek was through bamboo jungle, it was bloody hot and humid. We had NEVER sweated that much in our lives. We are talking dripping, saturated clothes type sweating.

The pace was great, Mr Lei led well and we stopped frequently for breaks or to check out the wildlife. For more detail on what you can see, check out the Rainbow Lodge website.

Rainbow Lodge had prepared lunch and nibbles. It was great and we stopped at the swimming hole below for over an hour. The water was excellent, clean and cool (ish)

The afternoon trek was similar to the morning. Still very hot and humid. The goal was the Tatai Waterfall and a final swim for the day.

We had had some trouble with leeches over the day despite slathering out ankles with DEET etc. Luckily it was very dry walking, we were told the leeches were much more active in the wet! This little unit had a great drink. It was one Frank missed.

The anticoagulant they use is amazing, needed a few beers to replace fluid volume on our return….

The Tatai Falls, it was a very refreshing swimming hole before our boat trap back to the Lodge.

In summary, hot, hot walking in a fascinating place. Would recommend long pants, gaiters and plenty of DEET to protect your legs from leeches. Great swimming holes and interesting scenery.


  1. says

    Ah I feel your pain! Annoying little suckers but at least they don’t do any lasting damage (except for bloodstains on socks). We are heading into leech season with the wet season having dropped in early on us – I’m not really looking forward to it :o/

    • Frank says

      Hi Tara,
      They were voracious. Had to knock off 4 – 6 from our ankles at a time. That being said, it was a fascinating (if RATHER HOT) place to go “trekking”. Really enjoyed the swimming….

    • dave williams says

      Do you know the big river in between koh kong and sihanookville? I dropped 4 germans off there on my way to kog kong last year and they said they were going trekking upto the Mountains, just wondered if anyone had any info on this as it looked well worth a go and very un-touristy which I would prefer, it didnt look like you could book anything and that you would have to do it off your own back.

  2. says

    Okay LEECHES?????????? REALLY????? You guys are hard core and you showed the blood in both the pics and video. Way to go. Still would like to swim in that gorgeous pool.

    • Frank says

      Hi Rockin,
      Thanks for dropping by. They were only little leeches! That pool was fantastic, we were sooooo hot after “trekking” in the jungle. In fact, neither of us had been that hot or saturated with sweat that much before!

    • Frank says

      Ha Ha Tara,
      Great story and a nice lot of leeches! Looks like a lovely walk! Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

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