It was a fantastic trip until ……

You know the story.

Up at 4am to get to the start of the track. You have raced around for three days getting food organised, gear checked and packed , pets and kids palmed off to family or friends, just so you can escape for a couple of nights of solitude and reconnection with wilderness.

The traffic is great at that time of the day and you arrive in good time. Your packs are heavy but you know it is worth it to get to your special place, your secret camping spot.

As you arrive near camp, strolling over the last hill you look down to a scene like this:

Image – Surat Lozowick

and think?

or you start putting up the tent and can’t find the tent poles ……

or you have planned a 10 day walk and you twist your ankle on the second day and have to turn back …..

You get it.

What is the funniest, most annoying, frightening or biggest stuff up you have ever been involved in (or seen) while out in the bush?

Over to you, please leave your story below in the reply box! (don’t forget to tick the subscribe to comments button so you get sent everyone else’s story)

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  1. Ken says

    nothing epic, but I did plan an 4 day walk with a group of friends into Kosciusko National Park. set up camp the first night, and as I was getting ready to cook rice, i realised the gas that i bought along, was my empty cartridge. I was pretty sure i bought along my full one but was just shocked in disbelief why i didnt double check.

    i suspect foul play here. turned out that my other friends also left their cartridges back in the car. we were about 25km from base, but basically had to eat the next days lunch for that nights dinner, and headed back the next day.

    holiday plans ruined.

    • Frank says

      Ouch Ken, That would have hurt! I assume that area is fuel stove only?

      It is weird how no one had fuel, maybe it was a sign …that the pub was calling

  2. says

    I couldn’t pass this up without telling the story of an 8 year old “me” being guided down Hellicopter Spur out Wonangatta way by my father (who at the time, I dominated his map reading skills, as much as he would deny this to his grave!).

    The big grassy area that marks the turnoff for the unmarked track confused him a little, and he ended up taking us more to the left of the start of the spur. The result was a 5 meter cliff slide/fall, with me splitting my forehead, plus my father getting a nasty concussion when myself and my brother and sister fell down the bluffs on the side of the spur.

    What resulted was about 6 hours of some of the most intense scrub bashing I have ever done in my life (Even rivaled SW Tassie believe it or not!), and losing a ton of our gear as well.

    I’ll never forget the phone call that my father made when we were on our way home at the PayPhone in Mansfield, when he warned my mother about what was coming home. We were cut, bruised, muddy, and all round in a hell of a condition.

    • Frank says

      Great stuff Ryan, Just the sort of story I was looking for! I hate scrub bashing, mate of mine loves it! It is a pain.

      Really glad it did not put you off.

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