Hiking or camping with small children?

Welcome to Melissa Edge from adventuretykes.com who has been kind enough to share her story about Adventure Baby. While Melissa has an online store, we invited her here to share her story and a few tips and tricks about getting into the outdoors with a very young child. We hope you enjoy her article.

7.6 miles to the Granite Park Chalet

Enjoy it while you can.

You won’t be doing that much longer. Your life changes after you have kids. Do you remember hearing those lines from family or friends or actually saying them? We heard them constantly about how we wouldn’t be able to camp, hike, backpack or road trip anymore once our little munchkin came along.

I have to say with a smile, we proved them all wrong!

Our son is 17 months old. He went hiking when he was 6 weeks old, went on a 3 week road trip to the Pacific Northwest at 5 months old, camped at the Grand Canyon at 9 months old and has been to 7 National Parks.

He is the Adventure Baby!

We just got back from a 2 week camping trip to Glacier National Park and what fun we had. We hiked 50+ miles, took a boat ride, hiked to the Granite Park Chalet (backcountry chalet) for 2 nights, saw 4 grizzly bears, 1 black bear, many many mountain goats, 2 big horn sheep, ate tons of huckleberry ice cream and the Adventure Baby did all of that with us.

First hike at 6 weeks old

Life definitely does not need to stop and neither do your adventures. You just take a little bit more gear, plan a bit better and slow your pace. It has taken some trial and error on our trips and hours and hours of searching for appropriate gear and clothing for our son to get things right, but we have done it, and we have provided a place to share all this valuable information with you- www.adventuretykes.com

All of our hours of research and accumulated knowledge is found in one place on the web – www.adventuretykes.com. During our searches we couldn’t believe how scattered the information was and lack there of for outdoor activities with infants. There are few companies that make appropriate outdoor clothing for infants and very few articles about hiking, camping or backpacking with a wee one. 17 months later there is more information but you have to dig and search, but no need to anymore. Adventure Tykes is one stop for information and shopping.

Adventure Baby and Mom

The website has been up since March so it is still fairly new and we are constantly adding new information, clothing and gear. We love feedback of any kind and hope that you find the website helpful, motivating and inspiring.

With all that said it is time to get your tykes outdoors no matter what their age. Even if it is just for a scavenger hunt in the backyard, a walk around a local pond or camping in your own backyard.

Start your adventure today!

Thank you Frank and Sue for inviting me as a guest on Our Hiking Blog.

And thanks back at you Melissa!
Ok dear readers, many of you have children.

When did you start taking them hiking or camping?

Have you got any advice for people with young children who want to take them out into the bush?

We took ours when they were babies and they have all grown to love getting out into the bush camping, climbing, hiking, kayaking or (especially) sitting around a fire and having a drink of two ……. (now they are 19, 22 & 25!)


  1. says

    Quite soon after our first child was born – an especially when he started to walk – I realized that the most important clothes for the whole family were outdoor clothes. The kids just eat better, sleep better, behave better when they have the possibility to spend a few hours outdoors every day, whether it’s raining or shining. But it still took us a few years before we did any overnighters with the kids. Our firstborn was almost 6 years old when we started, the younger siblings were 3½ and 7 months old. Now they are 7, 4½ and 1½ years old. They just love being outdoors, and we make a break to eat something from the backpack and we parents just wanna take it easy for a while, they start climbing the trees! I wonder where all that energy comes from…

    • Frank says

      Thanks for dropping by Maria,
      Really pleased to see you are getting your children into the outdoors. Our’s loved it!


  2. Bill says

    My wife & I love the outdoors. When my wife Carolyn was growing up she would spend summer holidays camping down near Apollo Bay, whrere as my family didn’t go camping but I got into to bushwalking in my teenage years. So when we got married & we had our first child, we brought a really good tent & based our family holidays around base camping. Rachel our eldest was 18 months when we started, Leah was 6 months when she started & Shaun was 4 months. They are now 12,9&7 & just love it when we get away. Started day walks with the oldest 2 a couple of years back, distance around 10 to 12 Kms, I have just this year started taking them on their first overnight hike. Drove up to the Cathedral Range, we then walked up to the Farmyard & spent the night. Reward was a Buxton burger size of a small plate!!! & a milk shake(they got 1/4 way through it). I have found that kids can handle alot more than we give them credit for. I would say to to parents with babies or small kids, “JUST DO IT ” you will build such great memories & lasting relationships. In this busy hectic fast paced world we live in time seems to go in a blink of an eye. Carolyn & I put aside a day or an afternoon every month to have one on one time. For me I like to use this time walking out in the bush away from the hustle & bustle of city life, we may may not say alot but its time together.

    • Frank says

      Hi Bill,
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.
      Great story, love it that you started the children young and they are still loving it!

      We still camp “near Apollo bay” every summer and they all try and get down for a couple of days to re- live their childhood and sit around the fire with us and have a couple of drinks ….

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