Sick of eating the same boring food every time you go hiking?

Yes, we have released Food to Go.

Yes, the feedback is great!

I am writing to congratulate Frank and Sue Wall, and Deb Hadskis on this excellent publication. I am proud to have contributed my small part to this book, and am very happy to have it here as a reference. Well thought out, very informative, an absolutely excellent reference. Yes that’s me on pages 22 & 70.
Well done guys! – AdamTasadam – Wilderness Photographer

This book is different than a lot of the other backpacking food guides and cookbooks that I own, in it provides step by step instructions on how to plan a multi-day menu that has a lot of variety and is easy to pack and/or cook

I have to say that I also learned some things from reading this book that I didn’t know before, including the fact that yogurt can be dehydrated like fruit leather, and how to make Scroggin. – Philip Werner at you can read the full review here.

Yes, the opportunity for the 20% discount has passed.

BUT, for those of you who read this or get it by email as one of our fantastic subscribers,  we are giving you one last chance to grab the 20% discount.

Just shoot us an email at and we will send you the code. You have till Wednesday at midnight! Cheers.

If you already received notification about the release we are really sorry you have been contacted again.  Back to normal transmission next week.


  1. says

    Loving it. I’m enjoying what I’ve read so far, and have learned enough to start putting it into practice already (preparing for my next walk in a couple of weeks time).

  2. Georgie says

    OK, so what is everyone doing at Christmas time? We need to organise an “Our Hiking Blog” multi day group walk somewhere so we can bring along all the great food we have made using the book. Well done, Sue, Frank and Deb – well done, congratulations and thanks. Georgie

    • Frank says

      Thanks Georgie! Thanks you also for your terrific input , ideas , recipes and editing!

      Great idea to have a get together, have just the spot. The Great Ocean Walk is almost on our backdoor step. Beautiful walk! Feb / March is a good time (too busy around Christmas) You in?

      • Georgie says

        Ah, the Great Ocean Road. We were married at Lorne (36 years ago !!), and spent our wedding night camping beside the Kennett River. It was fabulous. Have heard GOR is a GREAT walk and would love to do. Only thing is, we are restricted to school hols, so are only able between 4th December and about 20 January. Fancy a pre-Christmas walk on the GOR? If not, the OT? Qld too hot at that time of year. Mmmm, love me new boots. G

        • Frank says

          Hi Georgie,
          We spent part of our honeymoon camping near the Great Ocean Road. (only 32 years ago…..) Got hit by heavy weather and headed home early …. GOR before Christmas might be a goer, Sue works up till mid December but I might be able to get a ‘leave pass” . She was going to do the OT solo again but the timing is too tight between finishing work and Christmas….

          Boots sound great.

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