Four women to watch – Outdoor sites worth following

Not sure if it is politically correct to single out female outdoor bloggers but we are today anyway.


Because these four ladies have some great adventures, they write really interesting pieces and they love to share (and encourage) others.

In addition, they are really nice helpful people and love encouraging women to get out onto a track or trail and enjoy a hiking adventure.

Dressed in Dirt – Tips and tales of a female backpacker

Adelaide (Addy) is quirky, yep, she even describes herself as “a little bit silly. No, very silly.”  That’s why we love her.  She is as sharp as a whip, clever and writes interesting pieces.  She is also regularly out in the bush doing some great trips.

From Addy:

I have lately been craving the communion I feel with a group of women in the outdoors. Many of us were not exposed to backpacking growing up, and it is fun to practice these skills together. Learning to take care of myself in the woods has been a really empowering experience for me, and I want to share that with others.

Lady on a Rock
We have been following Christie’s adventures as she thru-hiked 550 miles (885 km) on the Pacific Crest Trail this American spring /summer.

We enjoyed reading her posts and watching her videos because, she not only succeeded in her goal of walking a long section of the PCT, she also managed to “conquer” technology and post updates via her iPhone on a regular basis.

From Christie:

I am a backpacker, gear lover, learner, climber, Christian, mountain biker, teacher, runner, hiker, wife, mother, grandmother, trip planner, photographer, and researcher.

I am a lady that loves the back country and above all I want ultralight equipment that is safe and comfortable, but at the same time I want to look as cool as possible. (ed: she succeeded in her coolness)

Hike Bike Travel – Leigh

Leigh is a real “goer”.  She is a prolific writer, traveler and adventurer.

Just this year she has hiked the Dingle Way and Kerry Way in Ireland, hiked the Cumbria Way and West Highland Way in Great Britain, biked the Napa and Sonoma regions of California, biked Tucson to the Mexican border and is currently on a three week trip to PEI, the Cabot Trail and the Iles de la Madeleine.

She also writes terrific free travel guides, of which there are now 19 available.

From Leigh:

I’m a travel and adventure addict. I love most outdoor activities – especially hiking, biking, sea kayaking, canoeing and skiing. I also love the odd wildly epic day.

Calipidder – Rebecca Sowards-Emmerd

Rebecca is a terrific blogger and person.  We don’t think she is ever at home unless it is to resupply or sit around and drink boutique beers planning her next trip.  Cannot for the life of us work out where she squeezes in time to earn enough money to fund her trips!

Based in California, Rebecca hits the Sierra Nevada regularly and covers a wide range of topics on her site, including cooking up some very nice fish that she loves to catch.

From Calipidder:

I usually get out for several week-ish long trips a year, and many more weekends. I estimate that I spend 30-50 nights a year in my tent while backpacking; even more nights can be counted if car camping is included.

My dream vacation would be to spend months hiking along the John Muir Trail, taking every opportunity to explore side trails, bag peaks, fish, and relax indefinitely at favorite camp spots.

Keen observers will note the lack of any Australian women in this list.

This is not from the want of trying to include some (even one!) We haven’t discovered an Australian site maintained by a woman, which is pretty sad.

Can you suggest any additional sites run by a women we could include in this list?

Or, are you a female hiker who would love to share stories about your adventures? Please contact us, we would be keen to help you get started.


  1. Georgie says

    Sue has wonderful tales and experiences to tell from a woman’s perspective. She just happens to be associated with a nice nerd who fiddles with their joint site. So I nominate ‘Sue’. G

    • Frank says

      Yes she does Georgie, she is a real goer. She is busting to do the Overland Track solo again, just can’t find a date that works (now she is working full time and raking in the cash (with no time to shop (a win for me))) (like my bracket work?)…… Her association with a nerd means I get to fix all her computer glitches and problems. A win for her.

  2. Leigh says

    Thank you Frank for the shout out. My husband and I have just finished biking the magnificent Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. It was one of those places where everybody in cars clapped & yelled encouragement as you climbed some of the nastier hills (think 13% grade for 3 kms but great fun on the downhill). I look forward to following the other woman you mentioned.
    And enjoy your trip to Cambodia – well deserved after all your work on ‘Food to Go’.

    • Frank says

      Hi leigh,
      A pleasure. Well done on the ride, have been enjoying your writeups on this trip. You have been to some beautiful places.
      Yep, Cambodia tomorrow evening, can’t wait!

  3. says

    Hi Frank & Sue, I just found your blog recently and really enjoy reading your posts. I just wanted to say thanks for this post. I love the outdoors too and reading blogs by other women gets me really motivated to do more. I have a couple of posts on my website about trips that I’ve done, and I am aspiring to have as many posts (and adventures!) as these women, as well as you two. I’m not really able to get away much at the moment though as I am still building my new business up – Trails Adventure Fitness, training people for hikes – so can’t be away for very long just yet. Having said that, I am slowly gathering a band of like-minded adventure women and hope to get them out bush as soon as I have the time. Once I can do that, I’ll be typing my little fingers off.

  4. says

    It is always nice to hear about successful hiking stories of woman. It makes me proud that I am a woman. Go girl. Show the world that we can do it.

  5. says

    Wow Frank I am flattered to be counted among such active women. I just now found this reading through your blog posts. Thanks for the big shout out. This gives me the motivation to get blogging again (notice I didn’t say hiking again)! Your words of encouragement during my PCT section got me through some rough spots. I am grateful and am counting on you for next summer’s big section.

    • Frank says

      A pleasure, you deserved it! Sorry, I thought I sent you an email saying you were “in print” , oops!

      You have our 100 % support for next year!

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