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At  Our Hiking Blog  we try and mix up a variety of topics and information each time we publish an article.

Over the last five years the site has evolved from a spot where we have chronicled our personal trips,  to something broader,  with a stack of different topics we think you, our readers, may find interesting. 

These have broadly included:

  • Trip reports – both Australian and international
  • Gear reviews from people who have ited it
  • Food, meal and menu planning ideas
  • Interviews with interesting people we have discovered from around the world
  • Highlighting some exceptional wilderness photography
  • Reviewing and encouraging you to visit some other fantastic outdoor sites
  • Providing resources and information so that people can get into the outdoors and enjoy themselves safely

In addition we have published two eBooks drawing on our experiences AND  a lot of help from you, our readers.

Cartagena de Indias
Creative Commons License photo credit: *L*u*z*A*

While continuing to provide great information here, our loosely defined and very general plans are  to keep developing eBooks. They are a great medium to share information and get a small return for the time involved (you would not do it just for the money, you would be eating bread and dripping) 

We already have one in the planning stages and a free one,  half completed,  covering “What clothes to wear and take on a multi day trip”

So over to you valued readers, we are seeking your feedback:

  • What topics would you like to see more of on Our Hiking Blog?
  • Have YOU done a great trip and would love to share it with our readers?
  • Have YOU got a favourite piece of gear or equipment you are dying to write about?
  • Have YOU got a funny story, great pictures or MUST DO trip you would like to tell the world about!
  • Do you know someone in the outdoor world who would make a  great interview subject?
  • Have you got an idea for an eBook that you would be keen to collaborate with us to produce?

If you have any ideas where we can keep sharing interesting and useful information, leave us a comment below or shoot Frank an email at .  We would love to hear from you.


  1. scott wager says

    great site but would l.ove more non cold climate hiking reports as most things i read are in tassie in the wind and rain, here in fnqld every thing you do is determined by the ability to get water at the enb of the day as its hard to caddy more than 9 litres on your back. went to hinchinbrook island in late sept last year and man it was hard to find water for the first two days,was drinkig out of filthy puddles full of lavae and the last remaining tadpoles and a lot of scum. its amazing how a few drops of bleach kill most of whats there ,was glad to get to the swimming holes as i was very thisty and needed a good refill .am going back this year ,next week so maybe more drinking water

    • Frank says

      Hi Scott,
      Welcome and excellent suggestions. We never had too many problems on Hinchinbrook with water. Your trip souunds a nightmare. Will be interesting to hear how it goes this time, please keep in touch.

  2. Georgie says

    Am sitting with Vibrim heaven on my feet, as I am breaking in my NEW waterproof boots, ready for whatever walk we do this summer. My boots are men’s size 42 Vasque Wasatch GTC backpackers. My, oh, my, are they comfy. I don’t think you do testimonials on this site, but I cannot recommend too highly Frosty at K2 in The Valley in Brisbane, who both recommended these boots for my fat feet, plus expertly fitted them onto aforementioned feet, THEN gave me a discount. What an angel. I call him Frosty as he has lost half his face and ears to frostbite, he is a very experienced climber/walker. These boots are really, really comfortable and he assures me they are more waterproof than my last boots (bought from a hiking chain). Thanks, Frosty. I also noticed these very same boots are advertised in 181 Wild magazine this month. Brilliant. Regards, G

    • Georgie says

      Bad move! My new boots were so comfortable, I broke them in two days in a row, and suffered serious back, knee and ankle pain as a result. I obviously have a strong bias in my feet,and the very solid, flat new soles kinked my whole body out of whack. Ouch. Lesson to learn, break new shoes in slowly. G

  3. says

    Five years! That’s great!

    I’ve been racking my brain, but it seems like you guys have a pretty good variety of articles. If I come up with anything, I will let you know. Looking forward to working through Food to Go!

    • Frank says

      Thanks Addy, appreciate the feedback. Looking forward to hearing how you find Food to Go. Hopefully you will get some different meal ideas for your next long adventure!

  4. says

    Congrats on breaking the 5 year mark. That’s impressive.

    If I was visiting from afar I would be looking for info on the best of the best hikes in your area & resources of how to do it – guiding companies perhaps? What are the top 5 hikes close to you? in Australia? on your wish list? everyone should do before they die? What hikes are good as families? possible solo? romantic hikes? epic hikes? What’s the worst hike you’ve ever done? What hike has interesting wildlife?

    I’m sure some of those topics you’ve covered but maybe there’s one new idea for you – or a new twist on an old favourite.

    • Frank says

      Hey Leigh,
      Great ideas thanks! We are heading off to Cambodia in a few days for 3 weeks. I wll start thinking about a few of these and get them rolling. There are a lot of great options for varied and interesting walks in Australia.

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