Platypus – Crater Creek – Cradle Mountain National Park

Koji has kindly agreed to share some photographs of a platypus he caught in the wild in Tasmania last week. Platypus sightings are quite rare and we have never seen one in this busy day tripper area.

Over to Koji:
My wife, her uncle and I went to Cradle on Friday for bushwalking and stayed at the  Scout Hut near Crater Lake. On the way back to Ronny Creek carpark on Saturday, about noon, we walked past other hikers and they said to us they saw a platypus in a little creek along the boardwalk so we kept en eye out for that.

As we approached the place we saw the platypus swimming along a creek.

Platypus - Cradle Mountain - Tasmania - Australia

I couldn’t believe that! So I quickly took out my camera (Nikon D40 with an average lens) and tried to shoot him but my lens wasn’t good enough so I went closer to him and got some shots.

Platypus - Cradle Mountain - Tasmania - Australia

Who is Koji?: As for me I am a full blooded Japanese, just moved to Tasmania with my wife in April from Tokyo.

We currently live in a suburb called North Down, near Devonport (my wife is from this area). I used to be a business consultant in Tokyo but ditched it and decided to explore better possibilities in Tassie, rather than sitting on a computer all day. Outdoor stuff is one of the possibilities for me!

Many thanks to Koji for sharing these great images and we both really hope he can “live the dream” here in Oz and enjoy the beautiful Tasmanian environment.

Platypus - Cradle Mountain - Tasmania - Australia

Have your come across a platypus in the wild? We would love to hear your story.

We were lucky enough to see one at Lake Elizabeth in the Otway National Park in Victoria  a few years ago.

Cain also shared a ripper photograph of one up on the Cradle Plateau (covered in ice) – It’s well worth a look


  1. Tooth says

    How lucky! They’re shy little buggers. The only easy place I know of for platypus is in the Broken River, Eungella National Park, up in Queensland. They’ll be there (just by the car park too…) every day. They’re so easy to see up there we used to joke they must be robot platypuses devised by the parks to keep us tourists busy!

    Apart from that, only other platypus I ever saw was in a river in the Alps. But it was at dusk and already very dark, and the little guy was gone in a flash… hardly counts as a propre sighting!

    (hum. I’m becoming a regular here!)

    • Frank says

      Hi Tooth, You are very welcome as a regular here!
      I really love a good platypus sighting, lets me know the environment is pretty good for these little creatures to live happily!

  2. says

    Hey, I know the feeling!
    This little guy left the puddle he was in and headed back to the creek – heading straight for me, I stood still and it got to my boot, went up my leg a bit, then continued on between my feet to the creek. I just stood still, no photos, caught up in the experience too much to worry about a photo of that.
    When it was crossing the snow it went like a thrashing machine, they don’t muck around, obviously knowing how vulnerable they are when out of the water.

    • Frank says

      Hi Adam,
      What a terrific story and picture. I can’t believe it went up you leg! Must have thought it was a tree or something.


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