Overland Track Video – Winter or Autumn, you decide

We came across his video on the Overland Track in Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park recently and thought it well worth sharing.

As we all know Frank is a pretty ordinary cinematographer but others have more refined skills that combine a great eye and terrific editing.

Let’s introduce Jeff Jennings from  Bridport in Tasmania. He has a terrific selection of videos over at YouTube and maintains a site for his passion,  Sea Kayaking in Tasmania (that stuff looks really scary)

Jeff has combined two different trips , one in Winter and the other Autumn. The contrast is quite spectacular.

Just a note, this is a high definition video and goes for 9 minutes, it will chew up your bandwidth a bit.

Have you come across any video’s you think worth sharing with our readers?
Have you got any masterpieces of your own you would like us to publicise?

Drop us a reply below and we will share them.


  1. says

    Thanks for highlighting Jeff’s video. I found the visuals and music quite mesmerising and inspiring.

    Jeff also did a nice job capturing the community atmosphere in various huts.

    Allan McDonald @

  2. Bill says

    WOW!!!! Fantastic, oh to pack my bag and go tomorrow that would just be great, not sure my wife would agree about leaving her with our 3 at a drop of a hat. I’d be in the dog house for a week. Something to plan for next year maybe.

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