Food to Go update

Just a quick post to let you know we are still busy editing Food to Go, our new guide on how to eating well in the outdoors.

So,what is the current state of play?

  • Food to Go will be over 120  pages
  • It includes over 50 high quality images taken specially for the  book by our co-author Deb Hadskis.
  • Bill Journee from Social Media Solutions is just about to start creating the masterpiece using Adobe InDesign.
  • We are worried it is going to be too long and have too much detail (not a bad problem to have)
  • It will sell in eBook format (you will download it from here) for $A19.90
  • We really hope it will be ready in about three weeks (read editing block here…)

Chicken Fried Rice - ready to dehydrate

The chapter’s are coming together well.  They should be along these lines:

  • Planning your menu – including over 10 guest menus from experienced outdoors people
  • Our top eight tips to get organized for your trip
  • Supermarket options – what works off the shelves
  • Freeze Dried and prepackaged food – user reviews
  • Dehydrating food – the best “how to” we have seen
  • Step by step guide to dehydrating anything from a whole  meal to yogurt or fruit
  • Breakfast – including dehydrating your eggs
  • Lunch – what to eat on the go
  • Dinner – with 50 plus recipe ideas
  • A sweet ending – easy deserts
  • Drinks and hydration
  • Scroggin, Gorp and other nibbles
  • Pots, pans and cooking gear

Latkes- Potato Pancakes and apple sauce

How to take a drink of wine with you

Just a gentle reminder for those who have yet to register for the pre-release 20% discount, you should click here to register and save yourself a couple of dollars if you decide to buy it.

To see more of Deb’s great pictures, click here to check them out.


  1. Keziah says

    Sounds good. I could use some new ideas.

    Hopefully it will be done before I have to have all my dehydrating finished for a 6-7 week hike I’m starting in a couple of months!

    • Frank says

      Geday Keziah,
      Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment . We really hope it will be out well before then too (it is becoming a drag, down to editing and trying to make it readable and look great!)

      Have to ask, where are you heading for 6-7 weeks? It’s a big one!

      • Keziah says

        I’m not heading far, doing the Bibbulmun Track with my sister. We’ve only done short trips before so have not needed to be too imaginative with the food but I think we will want a bit of variety for this one.

        Your blog has already been very helpful and interesting (although an earlier suggestion regarding tearing a book in half almost scared me away from it!).

        • Frank says

          I assume you read a lot of the posts by Dave Tomlinson? Great bloke and writes really well. Really enjoyed his writing about the Bibbulman.

          Which part about tearing up the book upset you? Destroying literature or trashing a book? The books I am talking about are those ones you find in hostels that have been read 20 times missing their covers (I was stretching the yarn a bit ….)
          I reckon the book will help you because you can create a lot of different meals. Suggest buy a dehydrator they are not too expensive and it will pay for itself in a week!

          • Keziah says

            I love books & reading in general, the idea of tearing one in half just makes me cringe, I don’t think I could watch it being done let alone do it myslef!

            I’ve read some of Dave’s guest posts here (including the Bibbulmun ones) which were very good, but I haven’t come accross him anywhere else, does he have his own blog?

            I’ve already got myself a dehydrator, I borrowed it from my mum, it’s about 25 years old but still seems to do the job. Have done alright dehydrating a few meals in it, only mince based ones so far though. The internet is great for information but I tend to find bits and pieces that don’t really create a whole if you know what I mean, especially when it comes to dehydrating. And of course many of the US sites for hiking food use things that I can’t find in our supermarket, so I’m looking forward to getting your book and trying some new things.

          • Frank says

            Know what you mean about books, we both love reading.
            Dave does not have his own site and I have been strongly encouraging him to set up one. He writes these fantastic emails from where he has travelled. He has just just spent several weeks in Asia and sent through some rippers. a really great writer.
            Agree about the food info across the web. That’s the main reason we decided to write the book i.e. to combine all the info we have picked up over the years. Hopefully it will help. Bit nervous, like having a baby, you hope people like it ….(or it’s not too ugly)

  2. Richie Rich says

    good luck keziah with the Bib, did an E to E last year with the wife, lotsa water between Northcliffe and Walpole was my 5th E to E so not so much of a challenge, try the Cape to Cape @ 140 k’s it’s a good starter and you can get quite comfortable if you plan your stays.
    Did most of the Bib on our own dehyde tucker plus vacuum sealer, what a bonus getting into camp and firing up homemade spag bol with fresh parmesan and crispy bread and butter, the looks on the faces of the 2min ‘noodlers’ was worth it.
    looking forward to your publication Frank, alwats on the lookout for new idea’s.

    • Frank says

      Welcome Richie,
      I have the Cape to Cape on my list of walks to write up. Would be interested in any info you have to add value!
      Deb , who has been writing Food to Go with us recently purchased a vaccum sealer. It works a treat. Great way to store dehyd food in your pack and just keep it “fresh” a bit longer.
      FIVE E to E’s , not that is a committment!

      • Richie Rich says

        G’day Frank,
        Yep done a couple of C to C’s at 140k’s it can be an easy week’s walk or a brisk five days, lots of spectacular coast with a mix of forest but mainly beach, if you want you can carry very light and stay each night in clean sheets with cooked food from Yallingup through to Augusta there are places available.
        Did my first dehyde fried rice recently and was wondering, what is the best method for re-hydrating? Any hints?

  3. says

    What the heck is Scroggin??

    Brilliant idea doing the book. People are always looking for fresh ideas. Have you got falafels on the list? I always pack tortillas too as they don’t break up like bread and they have a long shelf life. On a 12 day canoe trip we had fresh bannock everynight which was a real hit.

    Running out the door with my not so heavy backpack Frank!

    • Frank says

      Hi Leigh,
      Now Scroggin is a secret Australian icon, known only to bushwalkers…. You can get the recipe here.

      Thanks about the book, yes falaels are IN as are tortillas (we use em too)
      Have a great trip in the UK, looking forward to reading your new guide.

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