Camping Blender – Useless gear #1

There is a lot of doom and gloom in the world at the moment. We reckon we’ll be 90 yo before we can retire unless the share market, and our superannuation funds, recover significantly.

But, who cares when we have the opportunity to find useless bits of gear that make us smile and think, why haven’t we got one of these?

GSI Outdoor Vortex Blender Camping Cookware

In all seriousness why would you want one of these?

We go camping and take a huge trailer full of stuff (you can check out the set up here) but we have never thought of a blender.

Sorry to the serious ones of you out there, could not resist a bit of levity on this grey day in winter.

What is the most useless bit of gear you have seen or bought?

Do you think you NEED a portable blender?

Keep your eye out, we are on the hunt for more items to share when the winter or work blues take over.


  1. Sarina says

    You guys are right – that is a piece of gear that surely cannot be topped in the “useless equipment” list!

    • Frank says

      yep, you are right! We did make a rather large brew of Cosmopolitans last January when we were camping. Maybe we could have mixed them in this thing!

  2. Paisano says

    Very useful piece of gear. I would never put it in my ultralight pack so you need to let us know where you left it. Margaritas would hit the spot on, say, one of the passes in the high sierras.

    • Frank says

      Welcome Paisano! I left it somewhere around the Kaweah Gap, good luck finding it! (the makings of a Margarita MIGHT be near by) Strong walking!

  3. Georgie says

    Frank, I don’t deny you a bit of levity on grey Geelong days in winter, but if you lived in ‘sunny’ Qld (home of the Lions, Go the Mighty Hawks), you might see the value in taking this banana-smoothy-maker hiking with you, AND you could probably find some gizmo to attach to it to recharge your mobile phone and camera and the new video-thingy you just bought (and are hopefully having lots of lessons with), OR you could use it to mince up road kill for dinner. I can think of a million uses. G

    • Frank says

      Sorry all, overlooked this well research and thorough reply. Can’t understand why we didn’t think of using it to mince road kill. What a great piece of lateral thinking Georgie.

      Possum with Tabasco?
      Wallaby with wasabi?
      Roo with red wine?
      Devil and white wine sauce?
      Rabbit and apple?

      All blended vigorously, made into patties and thrown in a sesame seed bun!

  4. Jodie says

    Can you please tell me where I can get one of these? (i am in australia) I ordered one through an aussie website for $173.00, unfortunately they never delivered it, and I’m in the process of trying to get my money back. It may seem like a useless appliance for camping, however I am about to move into a fully self sufficient house, using only solar power, and the more manual appliances I can get the better.

    • Frank says

      Hi Jodie,
      Thanks for dropping by and sorry about the delay in replying, we have been travelling. You can purchase a blender by clicking on the link below the picture. It will take you to the website. Good luck with your fully self sufficient house!!

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