Alaska by two crazy men – a stroll in Denali National Park

This quote tells it all:

As I looked into my brother’s eyes, I could see that he thought we were going to die, and I telepathically agreed. I thought to myself, “This is how those stupid people you read about in newspapers die in the wilderness.”

Sometimes we THINK we are brave and adverturous.
Sometimes we really have adventures, like being caught in a flood

But generally we are pretty conservative, there for a good time, rather than a hard time.

Let us therefore introduce you to Hank and Brian Leukart. They like an adventure, they love a challenge and, if the truth be known, they must be slightly , well…..totally mad.

Over at Hank’s inspiring site, without baggage , you can read about a hiking adventure in the Denali National Park in Alaska.

This is a three part series, each beautifully written and scary stuff. If you are looking for an adventure in Alaska, check them out and then head off to Australia or somewhere sunny, like Tonga.

  1. A harrowing attempt at crossing the McKinley River
  2. Bear ye! Bear ye! – Avoiding bears in the Alaskan wilderness requires impenetrable canisters and creative chanting
  3. Conquering Mordor – Crossing a glacier in the Alaskan wilderness is harder than it looks

I think we might have asked the question before but here is comes again
Have you ever got into a situation like Hank and Brian?
What did you do ? Turn back, soldier on?
Shoot us a comment below, there is nothing like living adventures vicariously from a warm lounge room!

Ps, Many thanks to Hank for his kind permission to share these great pictures – there is a whole gallery on the walk over here.


  1. says

    I’m hooked and completely inspired by the two of you! As a beginner Blogger and hiker, I’m so grateful for such fabulous information on the land of bushwalking, hiking and backpacking. And, alhough I haven’t been to Alaska or Australia yet, I still look forward to following your amazing journeys.

    • Frank says

      Hi Michelle,
      Many thanks for dropping by and leaving such kind words. Love your new site, best of luck with it! I have a few ideas that might help you out if you wanted to email me . Have a great summer in Canada!

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