Scott Kilvert Hut – have you been there?

A few weeks ago we traipsed around the back of Cradle Mountain and spent a night in Scott Kilvert Hut.

Frank shot one of his abysmal, amateurish video’s of the Hut and surrounds but thought anyone who was planning to stay at the Hut would like an idea of how it looks and the beautiful surrounds it is nestled in are like.

Many apologies for it’s quality, he still has a lot to learn!

For anyone interested in checking out a (pretty poor) image of inside the hut, there is one here where we wrote an article on a trip we did a couple of years ago: Cradle Mountain Local walk and the “Lodge”.

We did not get any internal shots on this trip as it is quite dark inside the hut and mixing up an  over AND under exposed video into one may have been going just too far!

Have you stayed at Scott Kilvert Hut?

What is your favourite hut from a hiking track around the world?


  1. says

    It’s nice to spend the first night on the OT in Scott Kilvert Hut since all the ‘mainstream’ overlanders seem to walk past it. When I was there in summer there were only 3 people. You can go for a swim in Lake Rodway in the morning.

    • Frank says

      Yeah, but what about the video???? Crap hey!
      Good point Matthias, There were 5 of us there that night including a German guy on his first hike (the OT)

      • says

        Hi Frank,

        How was the experience at night, the sight which looks lush green and natural turns in the horrible at night. We are planning our next trip to Cradle Mountain and planning our night stay in huts. Share your night experience.


    • Frank says

      Ha Ha, thanks Stewart! You don’t need to be too experienced to head into this area. Just standard sensible gear, a map and common sense and you should be ok. The track is well marked and conditions not too rough. Good spot for a first night into Tassie and then back out the next day to Cradle Mountain Lodge!

  2. Lee says

    Passed it many times, but never spent a night there, for one reason or another. It’s a well-built and well-designed hut. Obviously walkers were involved in the design.

    My favourite hut so far – though I don’t tend to stay in huts – is Grey Mare, in the Jagungal Wilderness. That’s mainly for the position,more than the hut itself; the views are superb and the spring up behind the hut has the sweetest water you’ll ever taste outside of Tassie.
    The old Tin Hut up east of Gungartan is built how a hut should be – excellent design and construction, nice and snug and tidy.

    It’s hard to beat High Camp Hut, though. Pity they’ve closed down the best dunny in the country, but – that was reason enough to do the climb in itself.

    ps: ‘brilliant’ video, Frank. You have a whole new career in the making, obviously . . .

  3. dominique says

    thanks for this video! didn’t really know what we were in for but now we can plan so thankyou very much :)

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