Reverse it

We have had a busy week, flat out working on a secret project for the blog (details next week)

Clare, our eldest daughter,  sent us this video today, and although it is a bit cliched, the clever use of words and strong message struck a cord. (you do all know we are card carrying Greenies,  we assume?)

If you watch it to the end you will “get it”.


  1. Bill says

    I could’nt agree more. For the the world to change we first must change ourselfs and model that change to our children. They will model on what they see us doing not on what we say to them. Our change wil have a ripple effect to those closest to us and then out further to the wider community and the world. It has to start with me in making a decision to want to change.

  2. Frank says

    @steve – yes, I liked it for both it’s simplicity and cleverness – (Go Bob!)
    @Bill – thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment. Agree totally that our change will have a ripple effect on our childern, great words, thanks

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