Glow Stick – more than just light!

Today we just wanted to share a short video from Peak Survival demonstrating  Life Gear Glow Sticks

Now, we have never used or taken glow sticks hiking but these look pretty handy.

Selica from Peak Survival does a great job (much better than Frank would)  in explaining what they are like and how they work (from a snow cave)

Why do we like the look of them?

Each unit is actually a:

  • torch
  • whistle
  • glow stick (that lasts for 200 hours)
  • emergency flasher
  • and has replaceable batteries

 Peak Survival  is also an interesting site to check out.  Their blurb explains:

Peak Survival is dedicated to motivating people of all ages and backgrounds to get outdoors, celebrate the bountiful beauty of nature and learn how to utilize its gifts.  Our courses combine education and nature to provide an exciting learning environment.

It fascinates us that there are so many courses in the U.S. for people to learn how to survive in “the bush”. Frank learnt most of his “skills” via the Scouts and from experience.

Have you ever used glow sticks as lighting while camping or hiking?
Have you ever attended an “Outdoor Survival” course?
If we ever decided to run a course about basic hiking or camping would you be interested in attending? We thought it might be fun one day!


  1. Lindsay says

    Hi, I have a cyalume light stick – single use, 12 hours of illumination – in my emergency kit, but I have never actually used one in the bush. I think that if you need 200 hours of emergency lighting you are probably beyond help ;), although this device could perhaps replace a a separate torch and whistle.

    Going by what I see on the internet, many US ‘survival courses’ and websites seem to focus on paramilitary type escape and evasion techniques and what to do when the enemy is at your door, (with a possibly unhealthy focus on weapons) rather than anything that the average Austalian walker is likely to deal with. However a course run here dealing with Australian conditions and techniques would be worthwile and interesting.


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