Food to Go – How to eat well outdoors

Some of the most popular articles on Our Hiking Blog are about food.

People visit looking for ideas on how to plan their bushwalking or backpacking meals, or how to dehydrate food, or how to organise great food for multi day trips.

We recognised a need for one simple guide that brings together all the meal and food ideas sprinkled around this site (combined with a stack of new information) into an easy to read book. So about 12 months ago we started writing Food to Go.

Re hydrated curry ready to eat

It has been a huge task and we recently called in a mate, Deb Hadskis, to help out with writing up our ideas and taking some fantastic images for the eBook. Deb has taken on the project “like a woman possessed” and has been researching, writing, cooking, photographing, testing and compiling a stack of information.

Why Food to Go?

Many of us are going places.

It might be on a bushwalk in Australia; hiking in the U.S.A; backpacking or thru hiking the wilderness in Maine; wandering down a trail somewhere; rafting a river in Tasmania or biking a remote track anywhere! You could be in New Zealand tramping or trekking in Europe. No matter where you are, or what you are doing in the outdoors, what you are going to eat is always a high priority…

Food to Go is around 160 pages  and is packed with lots of great information and some pretty nice photographs (Deb has found a new calling as a food stylist and photographer – see below)

A sample of the topics include, How to:

  • Plan menus for hiking trips so you eat great food every day.
  • Organise a variety of meals that are tasty, lightweight, easy and nutritious
  • Dehydrate your own food simply and hygienically (including full meals, vegetables,  fruits and some surprises!)
  • Buy the best supermarket food and make it tasty
  • Package, store and organise your food for any multi day trip (whether it be thru hiking, rafting, cycling or camping without refrigeration)
  • Choose a stove and cooking gear that works for you
  • Decide what are the best  pre packaged food options including reviews on the good and bad.

The images below are just a small sample from Food to Go. (as you can see, Deb has found her calling)

Dehydrating eggs and beans

Eggs and beans ready to dehydrate

Dehydrated Eggs

The finished product, dried eggs. They make a great omelette!

Breakfast - cereal and spoon

Fancy some cereal, fruit and sugar for breakfast instead?

Dehydrated curry and rice
What a step by step guide to drying a curry? (or stew, casserole, pot dish)

Curry in bowl ready to rehydrate

Feel like a butter chicken and rice one night on the track? Just add water.

How about some terrific fruit leather? Strawberries, mango, kiwi ,you name it!

Read how we can help you with great ideas and recipes by checking out Food to Go


  1. says

    The growth in popularity of food and cooking in the media and books over the last few years is no doubt fueling the interest you are experiencing on this blog about food related posts.

    It’s easy to play it safe and rely on the recipes and foods we know; but it is also somewhat boring.

    Thankfully we each bring our unique approach to food and cooking in the outdoors.

    I’m always looking for new food ideas and from what I can see it looks like you will deliver on that in your soon to be released eBook.

    I’ve just subscribed so I look forward to hearing when it is released.


    Allan McDonald @

    • Frank says

      Hi Alan,
      Hopefully we will give people new ideas. We will have about 10 different 4 day menus from people around the world as well. They are looking great.

  2. Bill says

    Hi Frank & Sue,
    Looks great & very mouth watering. A fantastic coverage of topics with great photos, looking forward to seeing the completed & finished product.

    • Frank says

      Thanks Bill,
      It is coming along well. We hope it will give people a few ideas (and some great pics)

  3. Georgie says

    Dried 30 pineapples on the weekend. I had a spare tray, so sliced up 6 bananas, quickly sloshed half of them in the pineapple juice and the other half in fresh lime juice to stop them going black. Now dried, the pinepple-sloshed ones are absolutely fabulously deliciously bananary, the lime-sloshed ones much more bland. Don’t know why the difference, but pineapple-sloshed dried bananas get the thumbs up from me. We live in Australia’s biggest winter strawberry growing area, so get kilos of 2nds very cheaply. Just imagine the mountains of strawberry leather I make. Yummmm. G

    • Frank says

      Sounds fantastic Georgie. Love the idea of mountains of strawberry leathers!
      What brand drier do you use?

  4. Georgie says

    I have a Harvest Maid, my racks look very like the ones in your pics. I do 15 pineapples at a time.

    Talking of pineapples, a friend says to share her Adults Only Pineapple recipe with you.

    Gently warm brown sugar and Bundy rum till the sugar is melted. Brush the mix on the top side of the pineapple slices on the racks. Dry as usual. Heaven, although you usually have to make about 3 batches of the mix before the family gets sick of eating it (ie over icecream) and you have some to actually use on the pineapple.

    I think it is alright with bananas, too, I should give them a try. Bananas are $1 kilo here at the moment and nice sized pines 50c at the roadside stall up the road from me.

    Have heard a rumour that only us banana-benders can stomach Bundy rum, so the recipe might not appeal to all!!


    • Frank says

      Wow, that sounds fantastic! (other than the Bundy) – brandy or another yum spirit would work too I reckon.

      Now Bundy, THAT is a drink that HAS made me ill , mmm very ill……

      Stick to the Bourbon I reckon!
      (ps love the statement: my racks look very like the ones in your pics – thought it was a spam message…..sorry in advance)

      • Georgie says

        So it’s not the taste the rumours are about, it is the fortitude. Yep, us Queenslanders are tough. We even have a place in Brisbane called Fortitude Valley, where all the hiking shops are. Go the Maroons!! G

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