Survival Gear and Food in Australia

We would like to welcome Survival as a new sponsor of Our Hiking Blog with a huge  competition!

Survival food on a hiking blog you ask?  Well, maybe not the perfect niche,  but  after thinking about the types of activities you,  our dear  (and often crazy) readers like to get up to in your spare time, we decided you might be interested in checking out these products.

Mark from Survival Storehouse uses the following (scary tactics)  on the site:

Whether it is the trip of a lifetime caravaning around Australia, living in fire prone remote areas or commuting around the country on a regular or irregular basis you should be prepared. A good first aid kit, long life food and water for 3 days (at least) and survival technique books are a good start in being prepared to survive a car breakdown, hiking injury or worse.

We would add:

  • off roading in four wheel drives
  • rafting or kayaking down isolated river systems
  • crossing the desert on your push bike
  • multi day hiking
  • sailing around the world
  • and any other activity where you might get stuck without food or water…….

So what products are available?

If you would like to see an overexposed, amateurish, glarey video of Frank opening the box of samples Mark sent him (including kicking the dog and speaking with his mouth full) then check this it out!

How to enter the competition:

  • Visit the Survival website –  Survival
  • Have a look around and find the blog post about the One day/ night survival pack
  • Leave a comment / reply below with the number of items in the pack (hint, there is a numbered list, give us the biggest number)



  • The Ark III – 3 day pack – Value $40.00
  • Mainstay 3600 (9 meals) – $33.00
  • Mainstay 2400 (6 meals) – $22.00
  • Mainstay 1200 (3 meals) – $13.00
  • 11 in 1 stainless steel tool – $5.00 ea
  • Total prize value: $113.00


  • The Ark III – 3 day pack – Value $40.00
  • Mainstay 3600 (9 meals) – $33.00
  • 11 in 1 stainless steel tool  – $5.00 ea
  • Total prize value: $78.00


  • Mainstay 2400 (6 meals) – $22.00
  • Mainstay 1200 (3 meals) – $13.00
  • 11 in 1 stainless steel tool  – $5.00 ea
  • Total prize value: $40.00

Fourth& Fifth:

  • 11 in 1 stainless steel tool  – $5.00 ea

Conditions of entry:

  • The competition is only open to people with an Australian mailing address (sorry)
  • The winners will be selected randomly but fairly
  • Competition closes on Monday 12th May at midday (AEST)
  • Prizes will be mailed to the winners that week (or once we receive your address)

Many thanks to Mark for his extreme generosity in providing all these prizes. Please take the time to check out the site and enter the competition, you never know when you might need a good feed in an emergency!

If you are not interested in this  type of product,  but you know someone who might be, don’t forget to send them the link to this competition.  The more entries, the merrier!


  1. Adam says

    Well… Technically there are 6 items because item 2 contains two items, but there are 5 numbered items.
    So the number you are looking for is probably 5.

  2. says

    I agree that technically there are 5 numbered items but equally there are 20 items.

    1. Mainstay 1200 food bar – 5 year shelf life 3 meals (3 items)
    2. two snap activated glow sticks – 2 year shelf life 12 hour glow (2 items)
    3. Waterproof match case that doubles as a whistle and flint (no matches included) (3 items)
    4. Pocket compact single use survival sleeping bag (1 item)
    5. 11 in 1 stainless steel survival tool (11 iitems)

    (although – perhaps if you are a close relative of MacGyver you could use those items and a boot lace to build a hot air ballon as an alternative to walking 17.5km around Lake St Clair when you miss the ferry)

  3. Jackie says

    Loved the video! You should consider a career in infomercials :)!

    The answer is “FIVE” (Did I win? Did I win? Did I? Please?!)

  4. Frank says

    @Adam – you are technically correct on both answers, well done!

    @David – I don’t know the weight of the kit but will get in contact with Mark and let you know via here

    @Graeme – thanks for that – could it be argued you have too much time on your hands? 😉 We are heading around Dove Lake tomorrow, maybe we can make a hot air balloon then?

    @Jackie – thanks for your first comment! If the prize was drawn now you would be a winner on two fronts, flattery and enthusiasm.

    (btw, infomercials, now THAT is an idea – I have decided to do one take (rough and ready….) video’s. DEF not a pro so why pretend to be one? Look out for some more in the next few weeks (sorry) have a few ideas for when we are in Tassie this weekend (although Sue may not be keen on one of my ideas – Sue does Launceston)oops…

  5. Jim says

    5 items. Looks like a great idea. I’m interested in how the emergency sleeping bag would go up here in Queensland but for $10 I guess I’ll just try one. Shame they don’t have the match holder/whistle/flint listed separately in the shop though. That’d get rid of a few of my emergency items. Hope it turns out to be reasonably light. I’ve often looked at my day pack emergency kit and thought “What are the odds…” but I’ve always been resigned to taking the gear.

  6. Lee says

    Well, the way I see it, almost anything between five & twenty could be defended as being technically correct, but (for once) I’ll go with the flow and say FIVE.
    ps: Please don’t draw my name. I’d be dreadfully embarrassed to win two of these in a row . . . although it does sound like a neat little prize and one can never have enough tools . . .

  7. Greg says

    Hi Frank,
    5 items in the kit. BTW, do us all a favour and please keep your Launceston videos to yourselves!

    • Frank says

      Thanks Greg – video’s kept in sock draw (no one will look there hey?) The REAL truth is we were so stuffed from our 2 gentle days walking we just passed out……. cold….

  8. Eric says

    The answer is….(drum roll)…FIVE! No surprise there. Definitely worthwhile to have with you especially doing a few days, better safe than sorry is the old adage.

  9. Liam says

    Yup… it’s 5… would have been easier if the other folks’ replies were hidden though! 😉 although you also told us the answer in the bushwalk Tasmania website!
    Cheers though!!

  10. Frank says

    @Jim – Not sure about the sleeping bag – I suppose for the price of 3 stubbies you could just try it out. Will also find out about the whistle holder etc (I will ask Mark to comment here)

    @Sam – taaadaaaaaaaa back at you!

    @Lee – yep, can’t have too many tools – thanks for the opt out offer , we’ll see….

    @Sarina – cheers for the entry!

    @Ronda – Geday from Oz! Sorry about making it Australia only, the postage would have killed me if you won the first or second prize. Keep checking back here (or subscribe to updates) there will be other competitions.

    @Greenie – welcome and good advice

    @bj, @eric & @Paul – cheers, you are in the running!

    @Liam – yep, Tasadam suggested I hide the comments BUT I could not work out how to do it! Duh

    • says

      Hi Everyone,
      Mark here from Survival Storehouse, thanks to everyone who has entered the competition, the response has been fantastic.

      As the whistle holder has just come in (and we love feedback before putting new products online) we have a special offer. If you order anything and mention I will add in a whistle/flint/waterproof match holder for free.

      David- the weight of the one day / night survival pack will be about 390grams (plus packaging)


  11. says

    Looks a great website, bookmarked it for future use. Should come in handy when I start doing more walking :)

    The answer would be 5.

  12. Simon Cook says

    I would say there are 6 items in a list of 5.

    I love the site. I have been bushwalking regularly now for 6 months and am about to join 2 bushwalking clubs. I am also looking at undertaking as many charity “trailwalker” type events I can fit in.

    I get somewhat over-the-top with my safety gear (ask my wife) so any of the prizes would be much appreciated and well used.



  13. david humphries says

    Blast I am a day late for this competition but the answer is still 5, congratulations to the winners, and thanks to Frank for the competition

    • Frank says

      Sorry David,
      Will announce the winners later today (they have been drawn)
      Have you thought about subscribing to Our Hiking Blog? That way you will be notified of any future comps! (early)
      Cheers and thanks for dropping by.

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