Overland Track – recap and reflection

A surprise phone call this week  from Alan in the U.S.A.  reminded me about a trip we did together almost two years ago.  I had met Alan via the blog, he wanted to hike the Overland Track and only had a few “spare” days on a flying visit to Australia to see his daughter who was attending University here for a semester.  He was asking a lot of questions and we were trying to help him get organised to do the trip.

We hit it off by email and after a while I offered to accompany him on the trip.  We headed off in early May 2008 with Leon, a mate of Frank’s.  Meeting for the first time at Launceston Airport, we had a fantastic 5 days and have kept in contact ever since. (who says those internet relationships don’t work out?)

Narcissus Jetty - Lake St Clair- Overland Track - Tasmania

Alan - Narcissus Jetty - Lake St Clair - Overland Track - Tasmania

Alan wrote up a post for the blog on his experience, the quote below is a small snippet. You can read the full yarn by clicking here: Backpacking the Overland Track – a view from the States

Shit weather for the first 2 1/2 days, knocked down by very strong winds, wet boots from the beginning to the end, beautiful enchanted forests, gorgeous mountains (when they were visible through the clouds, freezing rain, non-freezing rain and mizzle). Difficult walking with a heavy pack, lots of fun, the damn roots, and above all the amazing people I met along the way….Jonno, Emily, Ryan, Kendal, Dor, many others whose names I can’t recall and above all my new dear friends Frank and Leon.

Kitchen Hut - Overland Track - Tasmania

Alan & Leon Kitchen Hut - Overland Track - Tasmania

I also wrote up a short article on the trip – The Overland Track – What scenery? It was a lot of fun, except for the weather.

Alan loves getting into the outdoors and he recently hiked the Grand Canyon and wrote an article for us:   Grand Canyon – Mule Deer, Switchbacks and Spectacular Scenery . He is very keen for us to join him and experience this area, it is on our “bucket list”.

Have you met people hiking or bushwalking you still keep in contact with?

Did you meet people on the Overland Track or other trails that are now friends?

We would love to hear about your experiences, drop us a comment below, it’s easy!

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