Lake Elizabeth Campground – Otway National Park

Just a quick follow up from a recent couple of nights camping at Lake Elizabeth National Park.

We had a play around with shooting some video to see how hard it was to incorporate in the Blog.  This video (overexposed and a bit bumpy as it is!) will give you some idea of the camping area and surrounds.

If you ever travel into the Otways,  don’t forget to take a rain jacket and an outdoor fleece. The weather is very changeable and you can encounter  “four seasons in one day”. (Luckily, Forrest a small township nearby has great coffee, that’s where we headed when it poured rain!)

The other tip is that the campsite is well down a hill from the car park.  This means you have to lug your gear down (and up again) to get set up.  We took most of our stuff in our hiking backpacks and bags or tubs that were  easily carried.   You also need to take your own firewood as this is a National park and collection of any firewood is prohibited.  We took some fantastic redgum and carried it down, but NOT up! What we didn’t burn, we left for the next people…

The facilities here are good for a National Park camping ground in Australia.  There is a new toilet block (with “long drop” dunnies – if you want to know what that means, leave us a comment and we will explain. )  There is also a rain water tank that would usually have plenty of supply as the Otway National Park is in a high rainfall area.


    • Frank says

      Hi Eric,
      We drink the water there (and out of any rainwater tank effectively) It is straight off a roof into a “sealed” tank
      If you are at all worried throw in some drinking water and use the tank water for cooking , washing and the dishes etc. My assumption is the tank would GENERALLY have water in it as it is a high rainfall area. (that is unless some idiot has left the tap on accidentally)
      We had a bit of an obsession about water on the Great Ocean Walk a while ago and wrote an article here:

      Hope that helps – Frank

  1. claire says

    hi there

    im taking my 6yr old nephew for his first camping trip and im looking for somewhere preferably less than 2hrs from melbourne where we could have a fire, do some bushwalking, maybe be near a creek/river/beach…any ideas?


    • Frank says

      Hi Claire,
      I would give Lake Elizabeth a go. It is my secret get away spot. Try and arrive in daylight as there is no power or lights etc

      This article has some more information:

      It takes about one hour from Geelong, they have recently inproved the camp sites and you can get your car in close enough to unload your gear. The walk into lake Elizabeth is nice.

      Have fun!!!!

      Shoot me an email if you want to have a quick chat on the phone.

  2. Kate says

    Do you have any idea how busy this site is in the week after Christmas? Also, is Lake Elizabeth somewhere you could swim if its hot? Thanks for your great blog :)

    • Frank says

      Hi Kate,
      Really sorry but I don’t know how busy it gets in summer. We tend to go there in the off season times. Lake Elizabeth is definitely not a swimming spot. It is about 2 km (roughly) from the camp site and is a bit snaky and green……

      There are waterfalls nearby (I think Stevenson) but even in summer they would be low.

      Thanks for the thanks!

  3. Vanessa Reynolds says

    Hi Frank, just enjoyed your photos of the platypus at Lake Elizabeth & then watched the video -great. Not wanting to sound pernickity or anything, but Lake Elizabeth was named for the newly-ascended-to-the-throne Queen Elizabeth, because it was formed by the mudslide and landslide in 1952.

    As an ex-Geelong Bushies member, I’ve been to many Otways spots but still haven’t made it to Lake Elizabeth. It’s very high on my to-do list. Unable to at the moment with a hockey-related hamstring injury, although it sounds like I could get to the camp spot more easily now.



    • Frank says

      Thanks for the clarity Vanessa,
      The Lake Elizabeth camping area used to be a climb down from the car park as it was blocked from all vehicle access. The recent work allows vehicle access to drop off gear and carry it on the flat to your campsite. Reckon you could get in ok!

      Have just finished an end to end on the Great Ocean Walk , really had a great week.


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