How to inflate a sleeping mat – beginners guide

If you have never been hiking or camping, some of the basic skills that many of us more experienced people take for granted, can be a bit complicated or mystifying.

This happened a couple of weeks ago while on an “introduction to camping” weekend with Jade at Lake Elizabeth in the Great Otway National Park.  Jade had a bit of trouble working out how to inflate her sleeping mat (it was the FIRST time she had ever used one)

We had a bit of a laugh and chat about it and decided to record the , enter drum roll here, first Our Hiking Blog – Introduction to camping and hiking video.

So, apologies in advance for NOT being Johnny Depp or Peter Jackson. We present our first instructional video on “How to inflate a hiking mat!!”

We would love your feedback on this video.

We know it is a bit rough and simple but after talking to other friends, we DO KNOW that a lot of people have not been lucky enough to have grown up in the outdoors, or had parents that took them camping, and they lack the basis skills and CONFIDENCE to try it out.

If you have suggestions for other “How to Videos” or how to guides , drop us a comment below. We would love your feedback.


  1. says

    we had a double mattress to inflate with no airpump and when you change location on a daily basis, well it can leave you ..breathless :-) but we had a car and used the car’s airconditiong vent as a pump leaning on it the valve, it’s a great trick.

    • Frank says

      Good on you Marta, I have never heard of that idea, very innovative! You CAN buy these rubbishy pumps that go into the lighter plug but they make a horrible noise. cheers Frank

  2. says

    I’ve used mats like this quite regularly for vehicle-based camping. I prefer to store them at home inflated when not in use to avoid the foam losing the springyness.

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