Hiking at Pilgrim pace – Soul enhancing escapes

Is getting out into the “bush” good for your soul?

Do you rush your trips at the expense of enjoying the whole experience?

How about walking at a pilgrim’s pace and seeing where it leads you?

Bushwalking has, for at least as long as I’ve been in Tasmania, been part of my spiritual journey. The solitude of solo walking, the wilderness, the potential life-threatening situations, the memories and reflections that come to mind while walking, all combine to create, for me, a significant spiritual encounter. The wilderness has seeped into my unconscious with snakes becoming significant primal mythic figures, and mountains becoming symbols of my life’s destiny – Grant

I refer to this pausing, pondering and attentiveness as ‘pilgrim pace.’

Image by Beta Karel

We were cruising around the site over the weekend,  and rediscovered an article written around three years ago by Grant, whom we first met on a hiking trip.  He, and his colleague Paul,  had been out for about 10 days, walking “off track”.  That evening we had a terrific chat and enjoyed their company immensely (and are still “mates”  with both of them via Facebook.)  They are both ministers of religion and that the trip was one way they made time to clear their heads and renew.

Since  1997, when the piece was originally written, we have increased our readership with many new people visiting here.  So for those of you interested in some thought provoking reading,  by a very experienced hiker and deep thinker, check out  Grant’s essay: Spirituality of Bushwalking – One man’s reflection

Grant also contributed  a comprehensive trip report on the Wilmont – Frankland range, which is in the Lake Pedder area of Tasmania. A walk that is definitely only for experienced and well equipped bushwalkers.

What emotional benefits do you get from hiking in wild country?

Do you feel the “spirituality” or something else while you are bushwalking or trekking?

We would love to read your ideas and thoughts, please leave us a comment below.

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