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Just a quick post to follow up on the Great North Walk – Sydney to Newcastle article from a few days ago.

The team there have produced a “companion” for the walk , which is a VERY interesting concept, and quite different to what we have seen before.

Part of the “spin” is to:
Write the final “chapter” and have your hiking book published……

As a “promo” the team sent us the following information, including independent reviews from Wild magazine and Wild Walks.

A new book ‘The Great North Walk Companion’ is the tale of a family walk along the full 250 km of New South Wales ‘The Great North Walk’ .  It can be enjoyed on your couch as an armchair bushie’s adventure or taken along with you in your backpack as you hike Australia’s most accessible trail.  Either way there is a new and exciting addition offered by the authors of this paperback – you are invited to try your hand (pen or keyboard) at writing a chapter.
The Great North Walk Companion
Here’s how it works.

Each chapter of  The Great North Walk Companion describes a part of the Walk with pencil sketches to illustrate environment and social history.  This ramblers’ novel covers more than 250 years of a family tree as well as guiding you along 250 km of great hikes.  The book is organised as a puzzle – as you read you are encouraged to ‘discover’ the identity of the mysterious walking ‘companion’ for whom the book is named.  There are many clues to this person’s life, outlook and character.  The question is can you   figure out exactly who they are?  If you can then you are invited to write a final chapter (Chapter 19) for this book.  The authors have promised they will create a new edition of their book with the best of these puzzle-solving chapters.

There is a challenge already out in the hiking literature – this month’s edition of WILD Magazine contains a review of  ‘The Great North Walk Companion’ – page 23 (March-April, 2010 issue).    As well as some very nice compliments about the book being  ‘well researched’;   having a ‘dedicated website with accommodation options, track conditions, geocaching coordinates and an active discussion forum’; and offering  ‘many interesting stories and marked attractions such as Indigenous engravings.’ The reviewer makes a mistake – he describes the mysterious Companion as Billie’s “niece” – but is this person really female?

Another great review has been published by Matt McClelland of Wild Walks. This overview has the fantastic addition of a table of all the walks that together sum into the Great North Walk.  To be honest Matt didn’t like the Companion much – but as he say in his review he did appreciate ‘the chance to get to “know” the member of the walking party, and there is a sense of “truth” as they explain details of becoming lost, and finding their way again’.

So, whether you’re happy to read about hiking or actually want to do the walk and catch up on some local history, this book is a great buy.  If you are also a budding author then accept the challenge and write the FINAL CHAPTER of ‘The Great North Walk Companion’.


The Great North Walk Companion by A. Henderson-Sellers, K. McGuffie and B. Henderson-Sellers, $27.50, 2009 (now out with minor correction in a new version – 2010)

Purchase from Digital Print Australia: Click here to check it out


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    I have the March-April edition of WILD. There is no review on page 23, however there is a review on page 73 ;-).


    • Frank says

      Thanks Greenie, much appreciated (I will let em know)

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    I am happy for you to remove my comment.
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