Cold, frozen and uncomfortable

Over at the Bushwalk Tasmania Forum there is an interesting discussion happening with the topic “What’s the coldest you have been in the bush?”

Because we are a couple of hours away from the  Easter break and have nothing really sensible to contribute we though this picture might amuse you.

Area54  from Queensland (one of Australia’ warmest States)  posted it with the comment:

Got caught out a few years ago on a family trip, only took summer gear (September in Queensland), we got -6c. Had our then 2yo daughter huddled between us, I fondly remember giving the girls most of the blankets and not being able to turn over lest I dislodge the careful layering! One very cold and stiff side the next morning. The kids loved it, crunching around on the frosted grass.

A mate did some washing, he tried hard to convince us that they were frozen, not just ‘well worn’ :D

Clicking this link will take you to the full thread: What’s the coldest you have been in the bush?

Frozen Jocks

For our international visitors, we call the forest, wilderness or backcountry, “bush” here in Australia.

How cold have you been in “the bush” while camping?
We would love to hear your “brass monkey” stories about times when you have been outdoors in really cold weather. Drop us a comment below!

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