SPOT GPS Satellite Messenger – win a freebie

We have never used a SPOT GPS device, but have read about them, and occasionally thought, mmm maybe , maybe we might buy one – one day.

Then there has been the nagging thought, do we really want to press a button and send a message to let significant others know we are ok?  Would anyone check that we were sending a message? Would we expect anyone to take that responsibility?

What happens if it fails or we forget and a search party is dispatched because we have not “called home”?

spot-gps-satellite-messenger on bike

Who cares at home if we are “geographically challenged” anyway?   The kids will only notice when we have not appeared back home on the planned day or   the refrigerator is empty.

Do we want to pay an annual fee?

Do we want to rely on another piece of technology (we have a GPS)?

Do we actually WANT to be connected (however tenuously) with the outside world when we are hiking in the wilderness? (this is probably the biggest question)

Ok, so why enter the competition? The chance of winning one (and free 12 months service) does appeal. It means we could play around with it, see if it is any good and decide whether paying a fee each 12 months is worth it.

So, for anyone who is interested,  you can win a “free” SPOT GPS Satellite Messenger with one year of service over at GPS for Today.  It is an interesting site (for those of you obsessed with GPS technology anyway).

Warning to people readers who are not “into” GPS’s – don’t bother reading on, you will be bored

What is a SPOT you ask?

From the website:

The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger is a GPS tracking device and wireless communication device rolled into one. While there currently is not a voice functionality on this unit, one can still communicate in several nuances ways with this device. For example, one can:

  • Send a SOS/911 message. If you are in a serious accident or situation this one button call for help can be, quite literally, a life saver.
  • Send a Help message. If your situation is not dire but you need some help from a friend then you can notify them of your need with the press of a button.
  • Check in with loved ones with an ‘Ok’ Message.
  • Send a custom messages back to your family with your GPS determined location.

With four distinct ways to communicate with someone, the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger is very useful tool to have out in the wilderness for extended periods of time.

Good luck to anyone who enters, we hope you win!

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