South West Tasmania – A change of plan, but two plane rides!

My original plan was to fly to Melaleuca and walk the track to Wilson’s Bight. From there I would walk north across untracked territory, crossing the South West Cape range, and from Noyhener Beach I would walk east until the route meets with the Port Davey Track. Depending on conditions I was then planning to walk out on Port Davey Track. In total I wanted to spend between 10 and 14 days – Matthias Siegel – Matt Down Under

Matthias has  just posted a trip report outlining his recent foray into the South West of Tasmania.    A web designer extraordinaire, Matthias lives in Hobart and enjoys many of the fantastic outdoor opportunities Tasmania has to offer.  His blog is beautifully designed and his insights are often valuable lessons when you are planning a hiking adventure.

Between Hidden Bay and Ketchem Bay - South West Tasmania

Between Hidden Bay and Ketchem Bay - South West Tasmania

A few quotes from Matthias, as teasers, might encourage you to head across to read the whole story of this trip to the South West Coast of Tasmania

I slipped out on a steep part of the track and twisted my knee so badly that for a few minutes I was sure something was broken and I wouldn’t be able to walk on – very painful minutes, both mentally and physically

It took me ages to set up my camp, a very disappointing experience. I simply carried too much stuff in too many bags, far too complicated. I decided to revisit my planning and packing process when back home.

It was really painful and the first few seconds I thought I would probably have to use the PLB I bought only 3 days before

Ketcham Bay South West Cape Tasmania

Ketcham Bay South West Cape Tasmania

Suddenly I noticed my food bag looked kind of weird. Upon closer inspection I noticed some animal had picked holes in it and stole some of the food inside. I couldn’t believe it, it was a strong airtight bag hanging 2m above the ground from a rope, what sort of animal managed to do that?

My backpack was still too heavy. I thought I made progress with 24kg including food for 2 weeks, but it was too heavy. I never want to carry anything above 18-19kg anymore.

Matthias has also put together a terrific Bushwalking Gear Check List that we really like, although after his comments about weight on this trip, we reckon it may be amended.

Thanks also for his permission to share his images , the full set on his hiking trip into the South West Cape in Tasmania can be viewed here.


  1. Steve Cockburn says

    Thanks for the post Matthias. I follow your adventures through your blog and Franks . Really enjoy your writing. Steve

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