Spectacular light show – with an LED torch?

In our family we own at least six LED headlights.

They are a terrific invention, lightweight, kind on batteries and relatively inexpensive. All in all, winners and a huge improvement on a hand held torch for bushwalking. Many of you will have one for hiking or around camp at night.

Via our internet travels we  discovered what seems to be the next generation of LED (or is it the lens?) technology and wanted to share some of the images taken using one of this companies LED torches as the “lighting” for an outdoor photography shoot. Very impressive.


From the LED LENSER website:

The new generation of lamps that we have developed will revolutionise night photography. Our new lamps, particularly the X21, allow you to take photographs outdoors that up to now were scarcely possible, even with generators and heavy HDI lamps.

The lamps are handy, lightweight and were barely noticeable in our backpacks as we undertook breathtaking climbing tours in Zion National Park (Utah), in Death Valley, California, or in the Yangchun Yuxi Three Caves cave system.

All of the photographs in this website are original photos, taken in those hours in which the night expands its stillness and the stars are the most beautiful.

Special thanks go to the photographer Annabelle Schleder. With her Canon and Nikon cameras, she was able to capture views on film – sometimes from dizzying heights – that may well have never been seen before.

Photos: Annabelle Schleder http://www.studio310.de

LED LENSER light show

NB: These pics are screen shots, the best way to view them is at the LED LENSER website

LED LENSER light show

The company also has a pretty handy range of headlights. The features they offer seem to far exceed our own,  very simple units.  The H7 is at the upper end of their range, some specifications from the website:

  • approximately 140 lumens
  • brighter than three conventional electric torches
  • change from long-distance light to circular low beam
  • circular potentiometer allows for smooth dimming
  • the lamp head can be swivelled within an angle of 90 degrees.

LED LENSER H3 Head light

There is an Australian distributor, Zen Imports,  but it is not clear  which outlets / stores stock this brand.  We will chase them up and let you know.

As for the prices, we have no idea but will try and track them down too.  Have a feeling this German Technology might be a bit on the BMW side, rather than a Holden or Ford.

Have you come across this brand of LED headlight? What are they like? Any good?


  1. Georgie says

    Thanks for this revelation, just the thing for our hiking-tragic son’s birthday in April, as I am prepared to spend a bit more for the ‘gift’ factor than I perhaps would just for myself. Looking forward to hearing more on them.

  2. Simon says

    I know this is a bit late but the H7R (rechargeable, but will also take standard AAA batts) is available from legear.com.au for $110.

      • Simon says

        I have the P7,
        it is hand held and ,excuse the pun, it is brilliant.
        I believe it has the same LED chip as the H7 so would have similar performance.
        Thank you for the warm welcome.

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