International Volunteering? The Underground Guide

Ok, so international volunteering is bit “off topic” for a hiking blog….

We understand that,  but please take a minute to read why we are reviewing this new eBook –  International Volunteering? The Underground Guide by Kirsty Henderson.
Underground guide to international volunteering

We are in our early 50’s and looking at different options to full time work in the nearish future. We are looking for a bit of adventure and travel. We are considering volunteering as an option as we both have pretty good skill sets that may be useful.

We also know that many of you, our dear readers, are in similar situations or are “youngies” with a spirit of adventure and travel on your mind. You are all outdoors people and have “some spine”,  as throwing on a backpack and heading off into the “wilderness” (or bush as we call it in Australia) is a bit unusual to many people.

So that’s why we wanted to encourage you to check out the information page .  As Kirsty’s blurb says:

The 63-page ebook is aimed at introducing travellers to the wonders of volunteering abroad and to help them break away from the usual backpacker trail, get involved with local communities around the world and make a difference in people’s lives in a variety of ways.

Kirsty sent Frank a copy of the eBook (at his request) for free to review. After reading it, he ended up paying for it, hence this review is of a product we paid for.

What was there to like?

  • Very easy to read, well set out and logical
  • Great interviews with a broad cross section of volunteers (age range from early 20’s to 60 plus)
  • It draws on Kirsty’s personal experience  with lots of first person stories and research
  • Provides a comprehensive list of agencies that need volunteers,  saving heaps of research
  • Analyses the “paid volunteer” experience – and reconfirms our view that they are not always the best option

Kirsty is donating 50% of the eBook  proceeds to her favourite volunteering organization, Hands On Disaster Response , a nice touch.

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