Sherry hikes the Annapurna circuit – Nepal (with her Dad)

Thinking about trekking in Nepal?
Reckon the Annapurna Circuit is for you?
Looking at hiking in Nepal on a budget?
Want to read a beautifully written adventure story?

We recently found a jewel of a travel blog. A wonderfully written, detailed site that shares some great travel adventure stories and information.

There are some talented adventure writers around the world.  People with great  skills and a wonderful  ability to tell a story.  Thanks to Nora (the Professional Hobo), we ‘discovered”  Sherry at Ottsworld (we are sure she has been well discovered before now,  but we just discovered her)

Annapurna Circuit - Nepal - Yaks in snow

Sherry uses the tag : Travel and Life Experiences of a Corporate American Runaway , and she has just completed a terrific series called Tiger Balm Tales

The Tiger Balm Tales will be a series of posts and photo documentaries which chronicle our father-daughter journey to Nepal for 26 days; the trekking, the people, the culture, the great heights (and some lows), and the excessive use of Tiger Balm.

I asked my dad if he wanted to join me as I really thought that he, out of any of my family or friends would appreciate the simplicity of Nepal and the rural lifestyle of the villages. Plus, at 73 years old, I felt like it would be quite an opportunity to see the mountains of Nepal. After a lot of uncertainty and pressure from others in the family (the most coming from my mom) he decided to join me. Game on…

Please take the time to read Sherry’s series, there is some terrific information and it is a great planning tool if you ever want to visit Nepal.

Annapurna Circuit - Nepal - over the pass

Do you have a favourite travel blogger?

Have you done the Annapurna Circuit or other hikes in Nepal?

We would love to read your story or comment. That’s what the spot is for below!


  1. says

    I’m blushing! Thanks so much for featuring my blog ‘novel’! It was an amazing trip with my father – something I’ll never forget. Just hoping I can provide others with Annapurna Circuit info as well as inspire them to take on challenges whatever their age!
    You’ve got a nice site – will def. bookmark it! I love hiking and am actually looking for a new, next challenge. It feels a bit weird to have nothing on the horizon! Any suggestions?!

  2. Richa says

    Nepal is a wonderful place. Its mountains are fabulous.Let me quote a poem written by Bhuwan Thapaliya about Nepal. We are lucky to visit Nepal.

    Our Nepal, Our Pride

    Our heaven on Earth, Nepal, our Pride,
    Our domicile of God is free as infinite
    As the sun’s portentous rays leading far and wide
    Its celestial balm to all alike!
    Earth has, believe me, so little to show fairer
    Than this, our facsimile, inimitable paradise;
    Illustrious as far as Milton’s ranging rhymes,
    Even to the Goddess it did add such delight
    As manna slipped from the skirt of heaven
    To eternalise our Earth, an inward and an outward sign,
    Adding celestial sublime here to shine more
    Than twilight on Earth, where Everest, ours, is
    Heaven’s stairwell for all Nepalese tribes alive!
    All Hail, holy land, clear offspring of heaven,
    From heaven not far off, yes, in precincts of light
    Where even Gods with Goddesses dance
    Hand-in-hand, from birthing dusk till dawn,
    Eyes, theirs and ours, uplifted in amazing pride.

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