Hillary Trail – New Zealand – a new challenge

We  discovered the opening of a new “tramp” in New Zealand that looks a ripper. Named after Sir Edmond Hillary, the trail is located in an area frequented by the Hillary family from the 1920’s.  Sir Edmund Hillary used the rugged hills and beaches of the Waitakere Ranges to plan and prepare for his expeditions.

The “Hillary Trail” was opened in January 2010 and joins up a network of existing regional park tracks and basic backpacker campgrounds.

From the website, there is a great tag line!

It ain’t Everest but it ain’t easy!

Hiliary trail

The Hillary Trail is multi-day tramping trip through native forest and along the wild coast of the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park. It begins and ends near Auckland on New Zealand’s  north island.  There is a great  detailed map of the trail here.

We love these quotes:

The trail will be a challenge for many due to hilly terrain, intense rain forest and exposed coastline. Some of the days are long compared to other multi-day tramps.

The tracks forming the trail are predominantly of a tramping track standard and cannot be compared to a Great Walk. The terrain is varied so there is a lot of climbing up and down, many tracks will be steep, rutted, `rooty’ and slippery. Tracks will be particularly muddy in winter.

(it reminds us of the South Coast Track in Tasmania)

There is a fantastic website that explains everything about the Trail. You can access it here: The Hillary Trail.

Some quick facts:

  • The trail takes trampers through the Waitakere Ranges
  • Is approximately 70km
  • Based on four days, three nights
  • Back country campground stays
  • For experienced trampers and those with a high level of fitness

If you are looking for a less “touristy” and unsupported hiking trip in New Zealand this “tramp” might be for you. Imagine bushwalking along the same tracks as Hillary before his Everest trip, a distinct buzz.

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