Hiking Olympics? Tracks get scored, training tips shared

Planning some “big” hikes this year that require good fitness?

Reckon you are fit enough to tackle the Western Arthurs or Frenchman’s Cap?

Do you think the Australian Alps Walking Track will be a doddle or that Wilson’s Prom is tough?

What is the degree of difficulty say comparing the Kakoda Trail with the Milford or Overland Track?

Mount Anne Circuit - Lake Judd & Mt Sarah Jane - South West National Park - Tasmania

Mount Anne Circuit -Lake Judd & Mt Sarah Jane - South West National Park - Tasmania

The Victorian YHA Bushwalking Club recently surveyed some of their experienced members and asked them to rate a wide selection of popular local and international hikes on a scale from one to ten.

Why?   Because they often get people joining the club to undertake a few “training walks” for “bigger and better” (or more popular) trips.

What the article highlights is that many of the trips the YHA Bushwalking Club undertake are harder (much harder, in fact) than the trip’s their new members are training for.

For example:-
The hardest?
The Western Arthurs – Tasmania – a whopping 9.5!

The easiest? (other than our “training track” around the Barwon River in Geelong)
Wilson’s Promontory – Victoria – a measily 3

This very well written article rates around 15 popular hikes many Aussies have on their “bucket list”. There is a terrific graphic comparing the walks.
The article , Just a Training Walk , then covers some excellent training ideas to help you get fit for any multi day hike. Highly recommended reading.

Camping Mount Anne - South West National Park - Tasmania

Camping Mount Anne - South West National Park - Tasmania

What is your training regime for multi day hiking or bushwalking?
What do you think works and gets you fit enough to keep up with the rest of the party?
Please share your ideas and suggestions by leaving a comment below.


    • Frank says

      Hi Ken,
      Thanks for the link That whole magazine is great. Have saved it and looked over it a few times. Love a couple of the recipes. Are you a member?

      • Ken says

        Hi Frank,
        No, I was just interested enough to look for the complete story. Apparently I’ve done a 6.5, might have to do a bit more training before another one.

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