3 Best Kept Travel Secrets – You have to walk there of course!

We were invited to join a project being run by Tripbase.com to share our 3 best kept travel secrets, and being  hiking types, we have chosen three special place that  you, and the readers at Tripbase may enjoy.  They are all in Australia and cover a wide variety of environments across three different States.

A little background:

“The aim of this game is to unite travel bloggers in a joint endeavor – to create an amazing list of top travel recommendations across the globe to share with the entire online travel community.”
“We’ve collected so many incredible secrets that we’ve decided to compile all the posts in a Free Travel Secrets E-book to be shared with the entire online travel community”– Katie from Tripbase.com.

Many thanks to Linda Fairbairn from Journey Jottings for the nomination.  She has three fantastic ideas  for her travel secrets, please take the time to read them.

And our winners are?

1. The Overland Track – Tasmania – Australia

This 65km (40 mile) track is a spectacular bushwalk through the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage area. Hikers generally take 5 nights and enjoy the isolation, wonderful scenery, basic facilities and many side trips. It can change lives,  and gives those that complete it a huge sense of achievement.

Barn Bluff in snow - Overland Track Tasmania

Barn Bluff in snow - Overland Track Tasmania


  • Pristine wilderness
  • Incredible scenery
  • Fantastic sidetrips to mountains, lakes and waterfalls
  • Chance to see wombats, platypus, tasmanian devils or wallabies in their natural habitat
  • A huge sense of achievement completing a “tough” hike in all the conditions that Tasmania can throw at you.
  • Can be guided or do it yourself depending on experience, time, confidence and budget

Why Not?

  • Can be very tough, snow in summer, rain at any time, packs can be heavy
  • Isolated, no phone service, no internet, no power, untreated water and you have to carry all your gear.

2. The Great Ocean Walk – Victoria – Australia

This terrific,  newly developed coastal walk,  ends near  the 12 Aposles, a “must visit” attraction  in  Victoria, Australia.  Instead of just driving along the Great Ocean Road,  you can enjoy 100km of beautiful coastal trekking.

Johanna Beach - Great Ocean Walk

Johanna Beach - Great Ocean Walk


  • Coastal scenery to die for
  • Isolated camp sites in some spectacular locations
  • Only 8 camp sites available each night , uncrowded
  • Easy to do in sections if short of time
  • Can stay in B&B’s or luxury accommodation nearby, walking each day, relaxing each night
  • Echidnas, kangaroos, koalas, whales (in season)

Why not?

  • Can’t think of one reason, you can “tent it” or stay off track.  The only reason you  is if you don’t like walking….

3. Thorsborne Trail – Hinchinbrook Island – Queensland – Australia

Hinchinbrook Island, one of Australia’s largest island National Parks (39,900ha), is off the north Queensland coast between Townsville and Cairns in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. The 32km Thorsborne Trail runs along the Island’s east coast and combines some toughish inland walking with wonderful rain forests, inspiring waterfalls and out of this world beaches.

Nina Falls - Hinchinbrook Island

Nina Falls - Hinchinbrook Island


  • Freshwater swimming holes that take your breath away
  • Huge isolated beaches where you can walk or swim at the end of most days
  • Only 40 people allowed on the trail at any one time
  • Beautiful tropical island hiking with terrific vistas
  • Off  “the beaten track”, isolated and wild

Why not?

  • This is crocodile country and you need to be careful when swimming in the ocean.  It’s usually well signposted if there is one about ….but keep your eyes open!
  • Sandflies can be viscious, you really need to be well protected and have a lot of “bug stuff” 

Part of the project is to nominate five travel bloggers we love. 
Our fabulous 5 are:

A Travel around the World
Richard Tulloch’s – Life on the Road
Liz Down Under
The Professional Hobo
Only OK

We hope they join the project. We would love to hear about their three best kept travel secrets.

Do you have any travel secrets you would love to share?  Drop us a comment below, we would love to hear from you.


  1. Ken says

    On Hinchinbrook there should be no reason for swimming in the ocean, although I was a little concerned about the lagoon at Little Ramsey, both Zoe Beach and Mulligan Falls have excellent and safe swimming spots.

  2. Wordsworm says

    From one travelling duo to another 😉

    This worm and the TC wish you the best of luck with the “3 secrets” project. Thank you for telling us about your top three and congrats on the nomination.

    Much of my own hiking happens within the pages of a good book, although the TC hoiks me out for the occasional photo shoot.

    Happy hiking,
    Travelling Worm and sometime hiker

  3. Frank says

    Hi all,
    Thanks for the great comments!
    @Ken – we were a bit toey about croc’s but the freshwater swimming holes were absolutely magic!

    @Neil – it is great to have a list of goals you want to achieve. No goals equals no action we reckon!

    @Wordsworm – you are a legend bushwalking in all that wet weather! Just as well your handler had a good umbrella or you would have been MUSH! We love a good book here at the blog. Sue keeps a paper diary of all the ones she reads (and records them on weRead on Facebook.


  4. says

    although we were a bit lazy and didn’t take advantage of the 100km (WOW) of trekking, we managed to catch a glimpse of the terrific views over the ocean and the amazing rock formations along the great ocean road.
    thanks also for the tagging!

  5. says

    hi have done the thorsborne trail 3 times, not to hard,but the marchflies mand mossies are some of the worst ever. beautiful place,and the beaches are magnificent and well worth a swim in, just be aware and visual,the only problem i have had is lack of fresh water when the weather is dry the waterholes get really small and dirty,and was there when a group of 4 swingers kept washing their bodies in the freshwater.(got up really early ,to beat them to the next days drinking spot}not the nicest thought when we all share the same water

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