Sea to Summit’s Ultra-Sil™ Day Pack – a winner!

While it may well be into the New Year, another jewel in our Christmas stocking was the Sea to Summit’s Ultra-Sil™ Day Pack.

It is a very impressive new product from Sea to Summit tracked down by Clare, our Outdoor Education qualified daughter.

Why did she like it? Some specs that may appeal:

  • Volume – 20 Litres – it is HUGE!
  • Packs down small so it easily fits in pockets, purses or luggage – this is true, check out the pic with the keys below!
  • Simple, streamlined design so it’s light and low profile – perfect, no eye candy or “tassles”
  • Siliconized Cordura® for strength and durability – feels really strong
  • Water resistant fabric – not sure if we would rely on it to keep my clothes dry
  • Two-way zipper closure – handy

Ultra-Sil™ Day Pack Sea to Summit

We basically think it will be perfect for:

  • Throwing in your pack on a multi-day trip if you know there are side trips you might do so you can take a raincoat, snack and drink bottle with you.
  • keep it in your pocket, handbag or purse on a shopping trip, it will hold heaps of goodies
  • take it grocery shopping and save using plastic bags for just a few items.

The blurb from Sea to Summit expands a bit more:
Sea to Summit’s Ultra-Sil™ Day Pack is not only ultra-light, strong and compact but very practical. Made from our proprietary Ultra-Sil™ siliconised Cordura® fabric, the tiny palm-size pack fits easily onto your key ring, in a jacket pocket or purse. Perfect as a summit pack, for carrying groceries when on foot or on a bike, as an extra travelling tote or for anyone wanting to reduce their environmental footprint by saying no to plastic bags.

Not sure, it was a gift but I think she purchased it at Mountain Designs…


  1. says

    I got one of these for Christmas this year. It was actually inside my christmas cracker (bon-bon)!

    I finally got to use it on a real walk 2 weeks ago, and my wife and I were able to carry the following in just one of these:

    2 x long gortex rain coats
    2 x warm thermal tops
    2 x lunches
    1 x large collection of scroggin (snacks)

    I’ve never carried a day pack on extended walks before but the small packed size of this one makes it worthwhile.

    • Felicity says

      I’m sure you can probably order them online – mountain designes ones are great but a little exxy, lightweight and tiny when packed up plus there’s a couple of different ones, the waterproof one is obviously more expensive again. I have a cheaper kathmandu one (bought on special too, I think it was $20) which is a little heavier and bigger when packed down, but we’re still not talking much weight or size to have a handy daypack with your kit that you can pack into your bag. Have a look at either manufacturer’s website, most of those gear stores have an online store also these days.

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