Who is Frank? Who cares? He does!

Blatant self promotion you ask? Maybe

A story to tell? Definitely

Outdoors or hiking related? Generally

Pictures of blood, cuts and lacerations? Definitely

A really embarrassing display of Aussie slang? Vicariously

We have been communicating regularly with Clayton Kessler over at Tracks and Trails.ca Clayton runs that  great Canadian based outdoor site that has a lot of bushwalking , hiking and back country information from across the world.  Just put what you want to find out about in the “search” box and something is sure to come up!

Anyway, he was kind enough to interview Frank a week or so ago. The full interview (and a horrible fake Aussie slang thingy he wrote to Clayton) can be found by clicking on this link.

Sue says it sounds “wanky” – what do you think?  Maybe her next?

Clayton has already sent me his interview, it will be up here in the next week or so.  I really did not think people still lived in log cabins, but what the heck, they do!


  1. Frank says

    Thanks Chaps!
    Was a bit of fun to do and I enjoyed looking back at a few things we had done.
    Still have a scar on my knee from that fall!

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