Compass Points – a cerebral outdoors site


A thinking person’s outdoor website and blog you ask?

Yep, they are few and far between, as many are full of advertisements or  information copied from other sites,  like Our Hiking Blog!

We have just discovered a terrific and highly recommended site maintained by Dave Pidgeon called Compass Points. With  conversations such as:

Hiking the Loyalsock Trail in Pennsylvania.

Hiking the Loyalsock Trail in Pennsylvania. / CC BY-ND 2.0

Why do we like it?
Well written

Well researched

Beautifully presented

Great image selection

Unbiased gear reviews

Leaning to “the left” and very Green

It all the boxes for us!

In addition, Dave has put together Compass Points TV a channel on You Tube and has several video’s due for release in March. A very busy young fellow we think!

Who is Dave?

From his site:

Dave is an avid backpacker and hiker having trekked across diverse environments from the Adirondacks to Arizona. His international travels have swept him from the impoverished Gold Coast of the Dominican Republic to the old battleground neighborhoods of Belfast, Northern Ireland, always in search of compelling stories to tell. He also enjoys giving hiking and traveling gear rigorous testing and is available to publications for regular gear testing.

Dave lives in Lititz, Pa., with his wife, Alison.

So, for any of you kind readers who have the time or inclination to read some great outdoor information, drop by the site and check it out.  It’s a refreshing place, a bit different and a good read.  Well done Dave.


  1. Katie says

    Hi Frank
    I’ve been over for a look at Compass Points and its really interesting. I’m always glad to have something new to peruse over my morning porridge, so thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Frank says

    Thanks Katie,
    I just liked the point of difference and the really nice writing style. Hope the winter is not freezing you too much over there, bit cold for running trails!

  3. says

    That’s the kind of thing that wonder me to publish my content ( in english. Here in Brazil we have the same problem: brazilian adventure comunity is not large enought to have great content. I was wondering this is a cultural issue, out there (US and Europe) they don’t have this kind of problem. As we can see, online adventure content have a large field to grow up.

    best regards,

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