Seasons Greetings – Looking back and forward – is that headspinning?

A quick post to wish all our fantastic readers and friends a wonderful Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.

It has been a busy year in the “Our Hiking Blog”  household with lots of action on the personal and blogging front.

Looking Back

Update of Blog Design and URL
We updated Our Hiking Blog to a WordPress platform and changed the URL to (from blog spot) We are really happy with the “newish” look and it make it heaps easier to manage “blogging”.

Frank and Sue squeezed in a few trips:

– We hiked the Overland Track in September with John and Colin
– We had a fine adventure at Louisa Bay and part of the South Coast Track with John & Mark
– We wandered through the Walls of Jerusalem to the Overland Track and Cradle Mountain Lodge with Tom, Colin, Alex & Paul
WildernessLost in Wilderness by bass_nroll / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

We shared some fantastic Wilderness images by Tasadam
– Fungus
– Winter
– 2010 Wilderness Calender

and Dave Noble
– The Overland Track in winter

We posted some great interviews with hikers from around the world
– Zac Rizzo – USA
– Neil Fahey – Australia
– Dave Douglas – Germany
– Nik Sands- Australia

We shared some excellent trip  and gear reports.
Many thanks to the following guest posters who covered topics including

  • Great South West Walk
  • Bibbulman Track
  • South Coast Track
  • Overland Track
  • Stewart Island , NZ
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Best hiking gear and gear reviews

– Dave Tomlinson
– Larry Hamilton
– Dorothy Tomlinson
– Alan Holzman – USA
– Yann – France
– Anne Stockley – USA
– Matthias Siegel – Australia

In addition, we had some very popular topics that were read by many people.

– Our scroggin recipe
– Food – a menu for a 9 day hiking trip
– Blisters? Sore Feet? These socks really work!
– 57 signs you might be obsessed with hiking, backpacking or bushwalking

Looking Forward

The Overland Track eBook
We have just received it back from a graphic designer who has done a great job in making it look a bit more “professional”. It should be released early in the New Year. To anyone who has the “old” version and would like a copy of the “flash” one (same words, slightly different design) shoot us an email and we will send you one when it is ready.

Tassie Trip Planned for March
Sue is heading off to central Australia on a school trip so Frank is escaping to Tasmania for a hike with a mate John. Track yet to be determined.

Hiking Food eBook
We are working with a writer and clever bushwalking foodie to publish a new eBook on Bushwalking food. This has been a long term project (freebie will be sent to those that helped months ago) but we hope to release it in March or April.

A holiday
We head off in a few days to our favourite camping spot at the beach. It is always a great break and we can’t wait!

Finally, if you have any topics, ideas or walks you would like us to blog about in 2010, please leave a comment. We will be happy to source the information and post it for you.


  1. says

    Hi Frank. I’m a fellow member, and knew your site sounded familiar when I read one of your posts this afternoon. That’s because I subscribed to your feed a couple weeks ago :)

    I just wanted to stop by to say that I’ve been enjoying your content, and look forward to more good things in 2010!

    – Josh

  2. says

    Hi Frank

    Just saw you on Problogger, and remembered you from the 31 Days Challenge – absolutely love your blog revamp! Its looking really great, and is a much smoother slicker experience now. Well done, keep up the good work.

    • says

      Hi Frank
      I spend many a rainy cold day over here, missing the sun and heat of Australia, but you’re right – 45 degrees C is WAY too hot…

      I’m currently in the process of doing my own blog revamp, over to WordPress and the associated adventures of self-hosting (what a mega-learning curve!!!), and some sort of feedburner subscribe thingy will end up on that, eventually… Must remember to put a link onto my blogspot when the move goes live…

      Keep enjoying your summer :)

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