Lightweight LED lantern – Santa delivers!

Wow, Frank was lucky enough to receive  a great new ultralight  lantern for Christmas.  It is a Black Diamond Orbit Lantern

We saw this light in use at Waterfall Valley Hut on the Overland Track in September and were very impressed.  We usually just take headlights and a couple of tea candles but this lantern will now be in the kit.

It is lightweight, really bright and robust.  Santa Sue ordered one in at our local Mountain Designs store and Frank got it in his stocking for Christmas!
Black Diamond Orbit Light

Tech information off the website for those inclined:

  • DoublePower LED with 45 lumens (max setting) enclosed inside a frosted globe produces bright, non-glaring light
  • Dual reflector system captures and maximizes light output
  • Uses NRG2 Rechargeable Battery Kit (with Battery Power Indicator) or 4 AAA alkaline batteries
  • Unique dimming switch provides adjustable brightness
  • Compactible to 102 mm (4 in); extended height is 140 mm (5.5 in)
  • Collapsible hang loop

In “Our Hiking Blog” plain English, this means:

  • it’s pretty small
  • it’s pretty light
  • it has a dimmer that works really well
  • it seems tough

We can’t wait to try it out next week at Blanket Bay on our annual car camping holiday!

The retail price in Australia is quite steep (around $65-$80) so it is not a cheap unit to purchase.  We notice at Backcountry Edge they are around US$30.  This is the link: Black Diamond Orbit Lantern


  1. Alan Holzman says

    I recently purchased the Black Diamond Orbit here in the US for about $30 (USD). It is compact and provides an impressive amount of light. I love hanging it in my tent as well as using it elsewhere. It does consume batteries though. Lasts about 10 hours with new batteries on hi power. This may seem pretty decent, however, on a multiday winter trip it might only burn for 2-3 nights which means several extra batteries thus additional weight. I prefer it for shorter trips of 1 or 2 nights. Even then, I have left it at home relying only on my headlamp and my almost weightless ( 14g) Princeton Tec Impulse.

  2. says

    Wow is right. This seems like a great lantern. I use an older Coleman with a fluorescent bulb, that uses big/expensive batteries. It’s a bit cheaper, probably $20, but you will make up for that by spending $8 in batteries. After seeing Alan’s comment about the Black Diamond’s life span of 2-3 nights, I’d say the Coleman might have the edge there, with new batteries providing light for at least twice that long. Nonetheless, I’m jealous. :)

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