“Do You Know Tasmania” review

We attended the “Do You Know Tasmania” 44th Spectacular Tassie Wilderness Multimedia Show last week (how is that for a title?)

The evening was organised on behalf of the Launceston  Walking Club Inc, by Ian,  also known as  “tas-man” on the Bushwalk Tasmania Forum.

We had a great night and hope to lure Ian to our home town, Geelong, when he next takes this Launceston Walking Club event on the road.  The concept of the show is a mix of  “trip reports” by members, historic films from the club’s archives,  some environmental messages and fantastic images of Tasmania.

Snow at Scott Kilvert Hut October

Snow at Scott Kilvert Hut October

Some of the highlights of the show for us were:

  • “They built a hut” – a film from 1966 that tells the story of building the Scott- Kilvert Hut at Lake Rodway (near Cradle Mountain) We have stayed in the hut a few times and it was fascinating to see actual footage of it’s construction.
  • The “Six Rivers Trip” – not the sort of trip we would undertake but a great wilderness adventure undertaken by three “crazies” who pack rafted some of Tasmania’s remote rivers.  Tough trip in some pristine wilderness.
  • Hounslow Heath Highlights – a great day walk in the Cradle Mountain area that we were unfamiliar with.  It will now be our destination in April 2010 when we head off to check out the “Turning of the Fagus”.
  • While not  highlights,  more like lowlights, there were some excellent environmental messages shared as part of the evening.  The “Tree Valley Rivers” and “Giant Eucalyptus” segments highlighted the need to protect the forest environment  in Tasmania and explained the pressing need to manage this resource in a responsible manner.

Many thanks to Ian , his mate whose name we forget and the Launceston Walking Club for sharing such a professional presentation.

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