Wow, a 2000km hiking track – The Dreaming Trails – Cape York Australia

Want to help plan a new multi-day wilderness hike?

Interested in shaping the facilities for a 2000km multi day trek?

Want to help design the next great walk being planned in Australia?

This is your chance to have some input into the newly planned Dreaming Trails in Far North Queensland, Australia

From the official website

Cape York is one of the last pristine regions in the world.
It’s rainforests, savannah plains, tropical beaches and views of the majectic Coral Sea are to be made accessible through a 2000km network of tracks and supporting infrastructure.

You can help design it!

Spectacular coastal scenery

The Dreaming Trails - location in Australia

The Dreaming Trails - location in Australia

That is FAR north – lots of crocodiles!

Check out the website, there is a quick questionnaire the planners are keen for you to complete. It is very painless and means you may have a say in shaping this fantastic long distance trek.

Looks like great freshwater swimming

Loved this picture off the website – a gorgeous misty morning.


  1. Bruce Bundt says

    Thanks Frank. I completed the survey….urge everyone to do the same. I would gladly travel from the USA to do this Long Distance Walking Trail.

  2. Frank says

    Good on you Bruce,thanks for taking the time to complete the survey.
    It was a bit weird and very focused on all the different infrastructure some of the planners felt was necessary.

    Most big hikes we do here are totally away from anything and that is how we like it! (resupply etc is obviously an issue)

    It will be a huge cost to set up.

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