Overland Track – Winter hike – a photographers paradise

There are photographs of the Tasmanian Wilderness and then there are beautiful images.

Pieces of art that reflect the beauty of the area and tell a story that excites you and makes you want to be there!
Ice on duck boarding – Dave Noble

In this post, we highlight a TINY part of a fantastic photographic essay of a recent hike across the Overland Track in Tasmania by Dave Noble (and party). The walk from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair covers about 85km of some spectacular wilderness in the heart of Tasmania. It is usually undertaken over five nights but in this case the trip was planned for 10 days to allow for side trips and photography.

The glow of a coal stove – Kia Ora Hut – The Overland Track – Dave Noble

Frank has enormous respect for Dave Noble who has been hiking in Tasmania (and many other places) since the early 1970’s. He has achieved many feats that are the envy of less adventurous bushwalkers. These include extensive multi-day hikes in the South West National Park in Tasmania in the mid 1970’s and then a multitude of fantastic trips in various places across Australia.

Close up with reflection – Overland Track – Dave Noble

We encourage you to visit Dave’s site and read the full trip report and check out the terrific images of this winter hike: The Reserve in Winter – A Walk Along Tasmania’s Overland Track – July 2009

All photographs are used with the kind permission of Dave Noble


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