Tasmanian Winter Images – Introducing Tasadam

Tasmania, Australia, is a photographers dream.

Wilderness, huge vistas, interesting elements and unspoilt scenery.

Taking a good picture is not hard but getting a fantastic photograph takes talent, time, effort and perseverance.

In this post, we invited Tasadam to share some of his spectacular wilderness photographs that focus on winter in Tasmania. Winter has just arrived in Australia and these shots are part of Tasadam’s beautiful portfolio . In the future, as the seasons change, more of Tasadam’s work will be featured here.

Water in Three Forms

About the Artist

My name is Adam and I live in Tasmania, Australia, so I call myself Tasadam.

I have been taking photographs for many years. I started when I was young – I don’t really remember when. I do remember when I was 11 years old, I went on a school camp for 6 days and had a 110 Instamatic film camera. My spending money went on film, and I remember my parents weren’t too impressed when I returned home with all those photographs that needed developing…

I studied Photography as an extra subject at Technical College in 1981 where I first picked up an SLR camera. By this time I had developed an eye for subject and composition detail. The honing of my current skills along with the training in technique I received was excellent and opened me towards a new level.

Winter Cradle Plateau

Not long after, I had a few SLR cameras and various lenses of my own and my style and skills flourished.

Beyond film, I introduced myself into the digital photography era and have subsequently upgraded my equipment several times.

I have taken modelling and portraiture photography in the past along with weddings, and though I find them enjoyable (although stressful), I prefer to do my photography in conjunction with another passion – bushwalking.

When my wife and I go bushwalking in Tasmania, we typically carry around 10 kilograms of camera gear – two bodies, two tripods, five lenses, and various accessories – batteries, memory cards, cleaning apparatus and the like.

Winter Summit Mt Ossa

I prefer to portray images as I saw them, rather than overdo the post processing with HDR and over-saturation etc. It takes time to process, adjust levels and sharpness to create the best image possible.

I trust you enjoy the results of my efforts.

Check out Tasadam’s art here and enjoy more of his wonderful Tasmanian photographs. You can access his full winter gallery “Cold Tasmania” here.

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