Cape Otway Lightstation announce discounted entry for Great Ocean Walkers

Picture: Cape Otway Lighthouse visitors gallery

The Cape Otway Lightstation has announced discount entry and other services for Great Ocean Walk hikers.

This is a very welcome initiative and suggested by Our Hiking Blog several months ago.

In a previous post, Ivor in his Great Ocean Walk trip report ,was very critical of the Lightstation for their entry fee policy.

This is a snippet of his post:
I HATED the fact that we couldn’t have a cup of coffee at the lighthouse apart from paying $13 to go in. My mate and I had both been before so didn’t want to pay but having walked the last 5k in pouring rain could have killed a coffee!

Well, Paul from the Lightstation, replied to our post and indicated they did have plans to improve their service for Great Ocean Walkers, so well done Paul and the Lightstation on this initiative.

The Cape Otway Lightstation have updated their website and they are offering the following services:

– Discounted entry to Great Ocean Walkers registered with Parks Victoria. (don’t know what the discount is worth)

– access to the Lightstation Café for a snack or meal. Staff will also pack meals for those who are keen to get back on track.

– Car parking is available at the Lightstation for those who want to undertake a short or half-day hike east or west of the Cape. There is also more secure parking available within the Lightstation grounds (fees apply).

– Accommodation is available at the Lightstation. Our friendly staff can arrange transfers, food and guides. (Our Hiking Bloggers have stayed there twice in the past and it is a great experience and highly recommended – especially when all the day trippers leave and you have the whole station to yourselves)

– COMING SOON: Cape Otway Lightstation will launch tailor-made guided tours of the Great Ocean Walk. We’ll plan a walk to match your schedule, fitness level and interests.

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  1. Frank and Sue says

    Hi Jon,
    Many thanks for dropping by and checking out our blog unfortunately it then made me “waste” a good hour checking out yours!!!

    All right, I reckon we need to arrange a house swap in the middle of your powder season ???
    sound fair enough???

    You and your family can head out here to Oz and enjoy a different type of holiday and we can head over to your BEAUTIFUL part of the world!!! Not sure what I would want to do first!!
    – ski the powder?? (can ski but powder is RARE here)
    – go trout fishing??
    – hiking???

    WOW, what a great place and an excellent sounding community. You guys seem to be living the “American Dream” LOL.

    Cheers and beers

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